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The Pentagon documents on the Mossad’s involvement in the demonstrations are false

Israel: The Pentagon documents on the Mossad’s involvement in the demonstrations are false

From the demonstrations against the Israeli government law (archive – Reuters)

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After the confusion caused by the Pentagon documents that were leaked to social media, revealing US plans to help Ukraine, as well as the status of the Russian army, and even the participation of Mossad elements in the recent demonstrations in Israeli cities against the Judicial Reform Law, Israel denied the matter in detail.

She confirmed that the reports of some American media about the Mossad encouraging its members to participate in the ongoing protests against the Israeli government’s plan for judicial reform are incorrect.


The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced in a statement today, Sunday, that “the story reported by the New York Times and the Washington Post is completely false and baseless,” according to local media.

He also added that the Mossad did not encourage its senior officials or members of the agency to join anti-government demonstrations, political demonstrations or any other political activity.

The Pentagon building (archives – France Press)

This came, after US media reported that one of the leaked documents, which was described as top secret, revealed that senior leaders of the Mossad called on its officials, members, and citizens as well to protest against the proposed judicial reforms by the new government.

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Note that direct interference in politics is prohibited for the Mossad, especially as it is an external intelligence agency.

The bill submitted by the Netanyahu government about two months ago, in order to introduce radical changes to the judicial system in the country, especially with regard to the powers of the Supreme Court and its interference in political affairs, sparked a massive wave of protests, which continues so far.

It is noteworthy that the leakage of these documents sparked controversy in Washington during the past few days, and prompted the US Department of Defense to launch in-depth investigations on the matter, how they were leaked, and their validity as well.

While US officials accused Russia or its loyalists of being behind the crisis.

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