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The Pentagon refuses to comment on the account of the sinking of the Russian submarine “Kursk” after colliding with a NATO submarine

Sputnik Yuri infidel

Russian submarine “Kursk” (archive)

The US Department of Defense refused to comment on the account of the Russian submarine “Kursk” sank in 2000 after it collided with a NATO submarine.

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Admiral Popov: Submarine

“We have nothing to offer you in response in this regard,” a Pentagon spokesman said in response to a request by the Russian “TASS” agency to comment on the aforementioned account.

The “Kursk” submarine sank on August 12, 2000 during exercises of the Russian fleet in the Barents Sea, northwest Russia, as a result of an explosion in a torpedo tube, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, killing all 118 crew members.

In statements made today, Monday, to the Russian “Novosti” agency, Admiral Vyacheslav Popov, who was commander of the Russian Northern Fleet at that time, expressed his confidence that the “Kursk” “sank as a result of a collision with one of the NATO submarines.”

He said: “The submarine that collided with our submarine was monitoring it from a distance, and apparently could not guarantee safety standards in sea conditions and all other conditions at that time, and came too close to our submarine, and perhaps the “Kursk” maneuver led to the loss of contact with the NATO submarine. .and I know the name of the NATO submarine 90%, but in order to name it publicly we must have hard proof of that. I can’t provide this information.”

Earlier in the day, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin does not see the need to comment on new assumptions about the sinking of the “Kursk” because the investigation is over and closed.

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Source: “TASS” + “Novosti”