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The Pentagon: Washington is ready to limit maneuvers in Europe if Russia retaliates

a. B. Jacqueline Martin

The Pentagon

The Pentagon has expressed the United States’ readiness to make some concessions to Russia on European security if Russia reciprocates.

“When we launched these negotiations with him (Russian President Vladimir Putin), we were ready to put something on the table if Russia reciprocated, including For example, reducing the size and scope of some of its maneuvers on the continent, but that will require reciprocity by the Russians.”

Kirby noted that Russia did not want to move forward on this issue, adding: “I say again that we have not closed the door to negotiation, and the State Department has made it clear that there is still room for that, but we have to see what that leads.”

He stressed Washington’s rejection of Russia’s basic request within the Security Guarantees Initiative in Europe, that Ukraine not join NATO and stop its expansion to the east.

He said that Putin has no right to veto whether another country will join NATO or choose its allies… “There are some issues and principles that we will not accept any compromise on.”

Kirby expressed Washington’s willingness to negotiate some other Russian demands on security guarantees.

Russia relies in its demand to stop NATO’s expansion to the east on international documents concluded within the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, including the “Istanbul Document” (1999) and the “Astana Declaration” (2010), in which the members of the organization, including the United States, pledged to abide by the principle of indivisible common security. Which stipulates that no country has the right to enhance its security at the expense of other countries, and this principle concerns military alliances as well.

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Source: The Hill