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The people of Cyprus chose a new organization

The people of Cyprus chose a new organization

The people of Cyprus voted for the new parliament. According to initial estimates, the ruling party is closely leading the Democratic Assembly.

In the exit polls, the ruling right-wing Democratic Party (DISI) led narrowly with the expected 24 to 28 percent of the vote, followed by the Communist Progressive Working People’s Party (ECEL) with 23 to 27 percent.

Among the parties expected to be strengthened are, for example, the neo-Nazi National People’s Front (ELAM), which is affiliated with Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn and entered the Cypriot parliament for the first time in the last election. At that point, he won two seats. The Green Party, made up mainly of young politicians, could also be strengthened.

Pre-election topics include dealing with the Govt-19 epidemic, the economy or the situation of immigrants. The Cypriot government insists it can no longer accept immigrants from the country, Andhra recalls. The current government is facing criticism from many residents over corruption scams.

Today, more than half a million Cypriot voters elected 56 new members, and polling stations closed at 15:00 (14:00 CET) local time. Only residents of the government-controlled island voted. However, the election does not affect the leadership of the country because the president, who is individually elected by the people, has executive power.

Cyprus split from the Turkish invasion in July 1974, sending troops to the northern third of the island of Ankara in response to a coup attempt by nationalist Greek Cypriots. Greek Cypriots wanted to annex Cyprus to Greece. Cyprus is now an EU member state, but in fact it is only the southern, Greek part of the island. The Northern Republic, with a Turkish population, is recognized only by Ankara. (CDK)

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