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The people ran sharply towards Jaromir Yager.  Come to your senses, legend!

The people ran sharply towards Jaromir Yager. Come to your senses, legend!

Still playing hockey legend Jaromir Jaeger, at the age of 50, he started thinking about the back wheels and what will happen when he ends up in a few years with his beloved hockey. Like many of his former teammates of the golden generation, he started a business.

burnt prices

And just as most of his business associates have burned out, or are looking and trying to make up for losses, Jágr didn’t start out in a perfect way. There was a lot more to be expected, but few people really expected it to come with drops and protein drinks at prices that made absolutely no sense. However, his press contest was watched by all the media and eventually he got free advertising.

But it seems that ordinary people who target exotic yager products will not be fooled. His hitherto tight-knit community on social networks, with hundreds of thousands of followers, is seriously breaking down, and most people give him to their favorite hockey player.

Come on, legend, I don’t need this. I hope it’s a bad joke,Said Meric, for example, on social networks under the promotion of drops, referring to speculation about whether the JJ68 Jágr brand is not just another joke from the stable of Jágr Kazma’s friend.

Photo: JJ68

Don’t really fall from Garda

According to others, unfortunately, Jaromir is serious and they point out that he just wants to earn at all costs, which he finds disgusting. “Garda is a great athlete, but that doesn’t work for normal people. I’d rather buy dealers with your name and number, but I’ll buy an ionic or energy drink from proven producers and not Hašek, I’ll buy a perfume from a well-known favorite brand and not from Vémola, I’ll buy drops from the grandmother’s condiment shop and not from the inventory,Said Roman, who received the most likes for his post. Another agrees that this is an out of the question.

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People are also disappointed that Jaromir Jaeger has started promoting his products very openly and not very sensitively on his social networks. Some of the posts are really embarrassing. Like when Jagger is sitting in a bowl and his girlfriend is serving him and making a supposedly great protein breakfast.

Photo: shutterstock