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The people's joy at getting rid of the "Muslim Brotherhood" is great

The people’s joy at getting rid of the “Muslim Brotherhood” is great

The head of the Free Constitutional Party, Abir Moussa, explained that the Tunisian people expressed their happiness with the decisions President of the Republic, Kais SaiedBecause they got rid of the Brotherhood, Rashid Ghannouchi and Hisham al-Mashishi, referring to the gatherings that filled the streets in support of the recent changes by excluding the government and freezing parliament.

And she added, in a video she posted on her official Facebook page, on Monday, that the street will not be allowed to bypass Tunisians’ joyEmphasizing that those concerned will not let people down, as happened before.

Save Tunisia from destruction

She also stressed the need to determine the path that is in the interest of the Tunisians after the recent decisions, adding: “We can only be on the side of the Tunisian people, in order to save Tunisia from the system of destruction.”

It is noteworthy that the Tunisian president had sacked the prime minister and ordered a 30-day freeze of parliament after demonstrations in the streets of many cities protesting the government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Danger measures

On Monday evening, Saied stressed, during a meeting with the President of the Supreme Judicial Council and a number of its members, his keenness to respect the constitution and its requirements, to impose the law on everyone and to ensure the independence of the judiciary at this delicate stage in Tunisia’s history, as he put it.

He also clarified that Chapter 80 of the Constitution allows him to take measures in the event of an imminent danger threatening the state, adding that the danger has become a reality in Tunisia, after it has become a hotbed for thieves taking refuge in legal texts that they put in place to share power and deal with the state and its capabilities as if they belong to them, stressing the There is no room for the state to continue in this way, according to him.

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