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"The perpetrators must be punished."  Latvia applauds expulsion of 18 Russian secret service officers, Prague backs US

“The perpetrators must be punished.” Latvia applauds expulsion of 18 Russian secret service officers, Prague backs US

Prime Minister Andrei Babis (yes) and Deputy Prime Minister John Hamasek (CSSD) announced on Saturday evening that officials from the Russian military intelligence service GRU were involved in the explosion of ammunition depots in Virpedis, as well as members of the Russian embassy who had decided to evacuate eighteen people. “Clearly identified by our secret services as officers of the Russian secret services SVR and GRU.” Latvia and the United States have responded to the information so far, and other countries are preparing a response.

“Latvia expresses its solidarity with our Czech allies over the decision to expel 18 Russian spies posing as diplomats,” said Latvian Foreign Minister Edgar Ringevich. He considers it important that the first two people were killed in two explosions. “The misconduct of Russian agents responsible for the explosion of the ammunition depot and the death of innocent people is reprehensible and the perpetrators must be punished,” he stressed.

The United States has generally supported Chekhov. “The United States stands with its permanent ally, the Czech Republic. We appreciate the basis on which Russia must bear the consequences of its dangerous actions on Czech soil,” said Deputy Ambassador Jennifer Bacchusova.

British track

British Ambassador Nick Archer announced that London was also preparing a response. But British officials have not yet commented, and the ambassador recalled that Great Britain was mourning Prince Philip, the Queen’s dead wife.

The findings of the Czech Security Forces are closely related to the United Kingdom. In October 2014, just as the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister announced new findings on Vrbětice, police announced that they were searching for two people with Russian passports moving in the Prague, Moravian-Silesian and Slan regions. According to the photos, they suspect the poisoning of Agent Scribal, which took place in Great Britain.

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In their initial reaction, Russian politicians expected the claims of Czech government politicians to be absurd and a retaliatory measure against Czech diplomats.