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The personality of British politicians Ambassador Al-Duwaizan

The personality of British politicians Ambassador Al-Duwaizan

Many British politicians and parliamentarians have expressed their pride and admiration for the role played by the Dean of the Diplomatic Forces, our Ambassador to the Kingdom, Khalid Al-Duwaisan, in strengthening the excellent relations between the two friendly countries.

The Deputy Speaker and a large number of dignitaries attended a ceremony at his residence in London on Saturday to mark the end of the term of Ambassador al-Duwaisan. British MPs, politicians and leaders of recognized diplomatic missions to the United Kingdom.

In a statement to Guna, Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons Nigel Evans described the ambassador to Kuwait and Dean of the Diplomatic Forces in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Khalid al-Duwaisan, as a “legendary” figure who made a brilliant diplomatic history. For him.

Evans said he was elected to the House of Commons in 1992, following the appointment of al-Duyson as ambassador to London, and since then he has seen him with activism and vitality, noting that he is highly regarded and respected. All diplomatic circles and circles.

He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations. Helped to convey to him the voice of Kuwait in the Middle East region, and the British political community.

Evans stressed that Kuwait and the UK enjoy strong ties that include cooperation in all fields. Two countries.

In this regard, he expressed great pleasure in his personal acquaintance with Ambassador al-Duwaisan over the years, but at the same time regrets the end of his duties as Ambassador and Brigadier General of the Embassy, ​​and said, “It is not easy to say goodbye to a famous figure I have known for 30 years.”

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For his part, Rahman Sishti, MP and President of the British-Kuwaiti Parliamentary Friendship Association, praised Ambassador al-Duwaisan’s role in strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries at all levels, without exception. He served his country and strongly defended its interests. “

In a similar statement to the KUNA, al-Duwazan affirmed his ability to connect individual bridges and create relationships that can be described as “multifaceted and multi-dimensional”. 3 decades in the British capital. “As an ambassador and as a dean representing all the ambassadors of recognized countries in the United Kingdom it is not easy or unavailable to continue for 30 years with all the challenges and grave responsibilities it brings,” he said.

“Whether we live in the past or with its consequences in the present and in the future, London will truly lose sight of al-Duwazan’s wisdom, experience and insights into various international issues,” he said. The generosity, giving and love that al-Duwaizan possesses will be with us forever.

For her part, British Minister for the Middle East Amanda Milling said: “Accepting the post of ambassador to Kuwait in London for 30 years is not an easy task,” he said, thanking Ambassador al-Duwaisan for his key role. Whether he is a representative of his country or a dean of a recognized diplomatic force for many years.

He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into London, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations. Weight.

Melling congratulated Ambassador al-Duwaisan on his extraordinary intelligence and success, and said relations between the two countries were improving at all levels without exception, adding that Kuwait occupies a special place for all.

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