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The petition demands completion of D49, and opponents of the building urge not to delay it

The petition demands completion of D49, and opponents of the building urge not to delay it

The D49 motorway is intended to facilitate transit traffic, particularly near Zlin.

The new petition calls for D49 to be completed and opponents of the building not to delay it. Petitions committee chairperson Marek Novak said (yes) to toldTK. In the future, the D49 motorway will lead from the D1 motorway near Hulín in the Kroměříž region to the Slovak motorway D1 near Púchov, but its construction has been hampered for years by objections of environmental organizations.

“As a citizen, I consider it important to stand up to environmental terrorists and their obstructing actions and delay the construction of this road. The new road will detour these places and divert traffic to the places that are most convenient for them,” Novak said.

The members of the petitions committee are also the Mayor of Zlín Jiří Korec, the Deputy Governor of Zlín Radek Doležel and the Administrative Director of the Public Transport Coordinator of the Zlín Martin Štětkář District. Like Novak, they are all members of the ANO government movement, which has been run by the Ministry of Transportation since 2014. A few weeks ago, the Zlin District entered into a memorandum with the Ministry of Transportation regarding mutual cooperation in the preparation and construction of the D49 motorway.

On social networks Novak said the first place the petition could be signed was Bar Baskett in Zlin. According to him, other signatures should be added gradually.

The D49 motorway is intended to facilitate transit traffic, especially near Zlín. Last year, the Ministry of Transport approved its construction between Hulín and Fryšták in the Zlín region. A contract has been signed with the contractor for the 16.4 km section and preparatory work has been completed. However, the building permit did not go into effect due to six break-ups, four of which were submitted by environmental organizations Egeria, Children of the Earth, Vizovické vrchy and Association for Ecology Kostelec. According to them, the ministry did not adequately define the purpose of the construction. They suggest reviewing binding opinions, such as those affecting landscapes. “The question is whether it was issued by an action order,” said Miroslav Patrick, president of Children of the Earth. “We will suggest some improvements and changes in it, because we have a different opinion on how to protect public interests.” He told the daily Mf Dnes recently.

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The Directorate of Roads and Highways of the Czech Republic (ŘSD) wants to start building the D49 division from Hulín to Fryšták this year. If successful, it could be put into operation in 2024. It will cost about 5.6 billion kroner without VAT. The construction of the highway between Hulín and Fryšták will be provided by the association Skanska, Eurovia, Metrostav, DSP and Porr. In the future, the D49 motorway will connect Central and East Moravia with western Slovakia. From Hulín you will drive around Fryšták and Zlín to Horní Lidča in the Vsetín region and to Slovak Lysá pod Makytou. ŘSD ceremonially began construction of the highway in September 2008. However, it has been delayed due to lack of funds and aforementioned comments from environmental scientists.