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Ivan Mitrus došel ze Sicílie až k nejsevernějšímu mysu Evropy, norskému Nordkappu.

The pilgrim walked 9000 kilometers, a year and a half from his home. They received him with tripe

He left Italy on January 31 last year from Syracuse near the town of Pacino, and completed his journey north on July 29 this year after 545 days in Nordcap, Norway. Taking a winter break, he worked in a camp in southern Sweden. Wander along the European long-distance tourist route E1, but in the opposite direction, from south to north. He walked through six pairs of shoes. “I enjoyed it all the time, except for a short crunch. But you have a crunch,” says Evan Mitros after his return.

He witnessed the most dangerous period after two months of travel last spring in Italy, when the coronavirus pandemic broke out in Europe. He had to cut short his voyage near Naples for forty days due to strict measures. He was arrested by local police, had to quarantine for two weeks at a local gym, and spent the following days in an Italian family.

“It was really the hardest moment of the whole trip. I didn’t know where I was going at first, but when I set off after this forty-day break in Italy, I was clear that I would make it to the finish line in Norway. I was convinced of that.”

Returning home after a year and a half of a long solitary journey is gradual. He admits, “I’ve been looking around for a bit since Friday came back. I’m used to communicating with people. It’s something else entirely.”

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“It seems to me that I’m back in another world,” says Evan Mitros. “I’m used to everything that happens because of the Covid pandemic.” “Because I walked in nature, the situation didn’t bother me, with some exceptions,” he adds.

Ivan Mitros walked from Sicily to the northernmost point of Europe, the Norwegian Nordcap.Ivan Mitros walked from Sicily to the northernmost point of Europe, the Norwegian Nordcap.Zdroj: Ivana Mitros Archive

The family in Martinis in the Krkonocchi Mountains welcomed Ivan Mitros to fly in a hot air balloon over Jelimnytsi. After a year and a half on the road, he enjoys home-cooked food. For example, he was enjoying tripe soup. “They cook for me at home. It’s very different from food on the road. I’m finally enjoying a good meal. And also my bed, it falls asleep right away,” he mumbles.

He will want to share his experiences from an extraordinary journey with people during discussions and lectures, and over time he will want to write a book. “I’ve started sorting pictures, and I have some presentations for lectures, so I want to prepare for them. I’m thinking about the book, but I want to leave a delay,” he says.

He is not planning another specific expedition on foot, he wants to find a job. He thinks, “I will enjoy working in an outdoor clothing and equipment store where I can benefit from the experience I gained while traveling.”

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“I enjoy traveling and meeting people, and maybe connecting with people in other countries is the nicest thing. But now I definitely don’t want to go anywhere. But as soon as you taste it, maybe something will happen to me, my legs will start to itch. But we’ll see, whether on foot or In another form, for example on a motorbike or bicycle. I don’t want to be completely restricted to walking,” says Ivan Mitros.

A journey of a year and a half, during which he traveled almost nine thousand kilometers, brought him a lot of experience. “I feel like I can do everything I can,” he says, “that anything is possible. All you have to do is make the decision and take the first step.”