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The place of Fabi Scala.  Enthusiast designed a special ralley alternative

The place of Fabi Scala. Enthusiast designed a special ralley alternative

If you’ve been watching the world of rallying, you know for sure that Škoda Motorsport will soon present the new Fabia Rally2.

The new competition is based, of course, on the latest fourth generation Fabia. The developers from Škoda Motorsport are currently completing development and preparing to match. The public display should take place in the coming days.

According to the rules of the Rally2 class for which the Fabia is designed, the race car must be based on the production model and must have the same chassis. The exception is the possibility of extending the car with bumpers and bumpers, and designers could build a tunnel in the ground for the construction of the all-wheel drive system. A McPherson race car’s front and rear axle concept. The chassis parts were developed by Škoda Motorsport themselves – and of course they have nothing to do with the standard production Škoda. The same goes for the gearbox.

On the other hand, the engine has to come from a production unit, but it can come from another production car in the Volkswagen Group. For the Rally2 class, the engine capacity should be a maximum of 1.6 liters.

Škoda Motorsport previously revealed that the 16-year-old supercharged has undergone an overhaul, as it offers higher performance, more efficient cooling and lubrication, and faster electronics. The gearbox was also adapted to this, and its service life was extended at the same time. The entire chassis has been reinforced and the chassis has been fitted with longer suspension tracks for added stability in harsh conditions.

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But what if in Mladá Boleslav they decided to replace the Fabia in a rally with another car years later? If they did, they would likely turn to the compact Scala model due to its size.

And through the idea of ​​​​the Skoda Scala assembly, the designer plays David Lobata, which designed such a competing machine. Interestingly, the initial impetus was the Škoda Vision RS concept, a sporty-looking model from Scala from 2018.

David liked the car so much that he wondered what it would look like in a private rally. Note that the hypothetical racer has roughly the same front bumper as the Vision RS. Otherwise, we will find traditional competition details on the car, such as the swept fenders, the large spoiler, the distinctive diffuser and the like.

So what do you say, do you like the Skoda Scala more than the Fabia racer?