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The plant will speak, and agricultural Africa will disappear

T + T – normal size

If someone gives you some documented examples, you are likely to be convinced, that specialists can predict what the future will be like in the short term, in two or three years, and in the longer term, in the next 5 or 10 years, it becomes The prediction process is not easy, and therefore your conviction of its results becomes weak as well. Despite this, there are those who have adopted predictions of what will happen and be the situation 10 years from now, which is a relatively long period. But today prediction has become a science called “future science”.

Among those retrospective examples is that in the year 2005, “Facebook” was used only by high school students and university colleges, and the “Google Maps” programs, due to its modernity, were reluctant to rely on it. About the technology of self-driving cars is causing annoyance and repulsion for those around the speaker, and the mention of drones was considered a sufficient reason to visit the nearest psychiatric hospital.

The starting point in our topic begins with a report by one of the leading experts and specialists in futurology called Jim Carroll, and she had relied on its content and took some of it, reputable institutions and companies, including the American space agency “NASA”, Disney and many science fiction films, which became after a while Time is a tangible fact. The selection of topics from the report will be selective, in consideration of space.

The report came with more than 20 trends recommending that it is necessary to think about them, including: the disappearance of cash money and its replacement with digital currency, and these people witnessed their reading and some of them were involved in their dealings, so they do not need to be detailed. The second trend sees that in the next 10 years, agricultural Africa will not remain the same, why? Due to the increasing migration of people from rural to urban areas, most of the world’s population will live in a decade from now in mega cities where job opportunities will be limited to serving the infrastructure of these very large cities enhanced by modern technology and artificial intelligence. Agriculture will be largely neglected. Under the title: “More high-rises”, the report talks about excessive urbanization, with which the world will have only two options: to rise in the sky or dig in the ground, which requires creative thinking about the technology of skyscrapers and huge high-rise buildings and the like underground, which will increase demand On infrastructure managers of vertical buildings and hollow – ground so to speak. And after the next decade, plants will be able to talk to humans after man has spent his life talking to them and singing their beauty, in the same system that was previously shown for humans; A small chip will be implanted in the plant that will help it analyze its data to tell us whether it needs water or nitrogen and other things that we did not understand when the plant nations, as well as the increased demand for technical innovation in the field of agriculture, and farm animals will also be part of the system Monitor technology that will be controlled by farmers.

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One of the trends that will become accessible to everyone and everywhere is power generation; The world will turn to generating energy from hydraulic bikes that can also be stored by people driving them, and electric energy in homes will be generated by walking their residents on a new type of smart floor covering, which means that they have to move constantly in order to ensure continuous lighting energy . In addition to adopting the sun as an additional source of household energy generation. One of the trends is also that the world will witness the presence of 12 generations living together in one family instead of 4 or 5 generations as in the present age, and the reason for this is progress in age and health care, progress in lifestyle and nutritional and health awareness. As for industries, they will be turned upside down. Genetic medicine will lead the world to know what health conditions we should fear, meaning that it will move from one system to treat a person’s disease to another system that makes you aware of the probability of when you will become ill, giving you an opportunity to guard against the disease.

In the field of education, the concept of educational level will end, university degrees and CVs will disappear, and everyone will be able to learn the skills he needs on his own or with partners, and everyone will have the ability to obtain knowledge for any purpose he needs and at the time he sees fit.


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