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The police captured the first five hundred new Kodiaks.  It also changes its Superby highway

The police captured the first five hundred new Kodiaks. It also changes its Superby highway

The Czech police will receive more than 500 Skoda Kodiak SUVs and 38 Skoda Superb station wagons from Skoda Auto. The first part of the cars was seized by the police in Mladá Boleslav today. New cars will replace the old fleet. Superby will serve in highway sections.

“Cars in the police service have to withstand extraordinary loads, especially in connection with extremely difficult operating conditions and long distances, while it is absolutely necessary that they operate reliably in all conditions,” said Jiri Malaczyk, head of the Škoda Auto office in the Czech Republic.

All new cars are plastered with police colors. They do not have any modifications beyond mass-produced vehicles and will be equipped with rooftop signals or radio station preparation, and they also carry special police equipment, such as weapons, stop belts or a defibrillator. All Kodiaq vehicles are powered by a 140 kW 2.0 TSI petrol engine with a seven-speed DSG transmission and are based on an Ambition gear. The cars have all-wheel drive, which is used especially for interventions in the winter season or in hard-to-reach places on paved roads.

The Superby is also powered by a 2-liter petrol engine, but with a power of 206 kW in standard combination with a DSG transmission and all-wheel drive. All cars will be equipped with an adaptive chassis. These vehicles reach a speed of 250 km / h and accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 5.8 seconds.

Unlike the previous cool police cars, which had a civilian design, the new cool cars stick to the police design. In addition to the usual police equipment, such as beacons and radios, it will be equipped with a high-performance camera system to read registration plates at the front and rear of moving vehicles. This will allow immediate control of fee payments.

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“I believe that not only police officers, but also the public will appreciate the additional modernization of our fleet, which will not be the last this year. I also see a very important benefit of police officers driving in safer and more efficient vehicles with each new mode of transportation.” Police Chief Jan Avjdar.

Automobile maker Mladá Boleslav is a long-term supplier of vehicles to the local security forces. Since 1993, more than 20,000 Skoda cars of various models and specifications have been delivered to Czech police officers and the Ministry of the Interior, whether specially adapted to the requirements of the police force or in series production.

Police officers from all over the world showed off their new Superpass cars. | Video: Facebook/New Zealand Police