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The police will not restrict movement. He says the pandemic law is not enough

“The Czech Republic police are clear about two people gathering in public and private places. An exceptional Ministry of Health measure links restrictions to collective actions only. The police chief said on Twitter,” People’s movement on the street and occasional and unorganized meetings cannot be covered with this measure.

In their opinion, the police will not or will not control this regulation. “Neither a pandemic law nor a law to protect public health can comprehensively regulate and restrict the freedom of movement of people or their number. Police officers cannot and will not direct their monitoring activities in this direction.”

The editorial team at contacted the Police Presidency with questions about what falls under the heading “Random and Unorganized Meetings”. However, a spokesman for Ondřej Moravčík did not want to comment on the situation. “We will not comment on this today,” he said, adding that the police would comment more on the whole thing on Wednesday morning.

This is the opinion, Arrenberger argued

In the Czech Republic, measures based on the pandemic law have been in effect since the state of emergency ended on Monday, which allowed interference with human rights related to freedom of movement and assembly. He shouldn’t have much power. This was also acknowledged by Minister Arrenberger at a press conference on Friday.

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However, on Saturday evening, he said with more confidence that such a measure could be implemented without the state of emergency. He added, “We consulted a number of lawyers on the whole issue and we have many opinions. We are based on both the epidemic law and other laws that aim to protect human health. The minister explained that these laws allow us to impose such a restriction.”

However, other lawyers said the ministry did not have the authority to do so. According to them, people cannot be prevented from meeting without the state of emergency. The Pandemic Act, under which the Czechs operate, only allows for the prohibition or restriction of public or private events in which people gather in one place.

Are the clouds shrinking tile battles? Czechs are revolting against the minister

Arenberger assumes that people will act in accordance with the regulation until a court can overturn it within two weeks. According to constitutional attorney Jean Winter, this is completely unacceptable.

“I am very sorry for the minister’s approach. He had promised a few days ago to preserve and implement the Constitution of the Czech Republic and the laws.”

For the time being, the meeting restrictions remain in effect. On the outdoor court during amateur sports, there can be 12 people in six groups of two, with the couple keeping ten meters apart. Otherwise, people can only move abroad in two, and a group of people can only go together when it comes to people who live in the same house.

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