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The president of the “Super League” company is negotiating with “UEFA”

Berlin (DPA)
Bernd Reichart, CEO of the company that supports the project to launch the European Super League, which collapsed earlier, revealed that he would like to hold talks with the European Union for the game “UEFA” to discuss plans to re-launch the project.
“I will be in Nyon, Switzerland, next week to discuss it with UEFA,” Reichart told the Invach Mal Le Pen podcast, in comments published on Tuesday. Agree on everything.” Reichart recently took over as CEO of A22 Sports, which supports the Super League and represents the teams seeking to launch the tournament.
The project to launch the European Super League, led by Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, collapsed in front of the anger that spread among fans, clubs and federations, including the International Federations “FIFA” and the European “UEFA”.
The German clubs did not have a presence among the list of 12 teams included in the project at the beginning, and nine clubs withdrew within a few hours after the project was announced in April 2021.
The concept of the tournament was met with sharp criticism, as it was the participation of the 12 founding teams in the European Super League competitions, regardless of their results in local competitions.
Bayern Munich, Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund, Germany, recently renewed their refusal to participate in the Super League, even if it was launched in another form.
Reichart said the planned talks with UEFA should serve as a “good signal to clubs that still avoid or fear sanctions” if they take part in the Super League dialogue.
Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are currently in a legal struggle against UEFA at the European Court of Justice, as these clubs accuse the European Football Association of monopoly, and the ruling is expected in the case next year.

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