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The Prime Minister of Pakistan faces a vote of no-confidence and demonstrations in support of him

The Prime Minister of Pakistan faces a vote of no-confidence and demonstrations in support of him

Dozens of people took to the streets of Karachi, the second largest city in Pakistan, at the invitation of Prime Minister Imran Khan, in anticipation of a session of the Pakistani Parliament expected to be held today, Sunday, to vote on a proposal to topple the prime minister’s government.

The united opposition submitted a motion of no-confidence against Khan in a parliamentary session, and if the opposition remains united, it is expected that Khan will not get the votes needed to survive the vote of no-confidence, which amounts to 172 votes.

And the agency “Reuters” reported that police and paramilitary forces deployed extensively in the streets of the capital, Islamabad.

called Omran Khan His supporters took to the streets, Sunday, ahead of Parliament’s vote of no confidence in him to peacefully protest what he described as a “conspiracy” hatched outside Pakistan to oust him, hinting at the possibility of rejecting the result of the vote.

The Pakistani prime minister questioned the credibility of the no-confidence vote against him, again accusing him of a foreign conspiracy to oust him.

“I want you all to demonstrate for an independent and free Pakistan,” he added during a program broadcast on public television, during which he answered questions from viewers received by phone.

He also stressed that the United States is blatantly interfering in his country’s affairs, pointing out that the attempt to isolate him is an attempt to change the regime in Pakistan with American support.

For its part, Pakistani intelligence warned of sabotage and targeting of the opposition after Imran Khan called his supporters to demonstrate.

Khan during his visit to Moscow in February 2022 (AFP)

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accusations of meddling by Washington

Earlier this week, Imran Khan accused the United States of interfering in Pakistan’s affairs, and local media reported that he had received a briefing letter from Islamabad’s ambassador in Washington in which he told him that a senior US official had told him that they felt that relations would be better if he left the position of prime minister. .

He also accused the opposition of conspiring with Washington to isolate him because he is not aligned with the West against Russia and China. He described his opponents as “thieves, cowards and deceivers.”

Parliament session

It is noteworthy that Parliament is scheduled to vote tomorrow, Sunday, on a motion of no-confidence that could topple the prime minister.

Khan, now in his fourth year in office, lost the support needed to survive the no-confidence vote after several lawmakers from his party and allied groups turned to the opposition.

It is noteworthy that the White House denied allegations that the United States was involved in the attempts to isolate the Pakistani Prime Minister, according to the Director of Communications at the White House, Kate Bedingfield.