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رئيسا وزراء الهند والمملكة المتحدة يلتقيان خلال قمة كوب  في جلاسكو

The Prime Ministers of India and the United Kingdom meet at the COP26 Summit in Glasgow

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his British counterpart Boris Johnson met at the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021 (COP26) in Glasgow on Monday; Discuss a variety of topics, including global challenges.

In the run-up to the COP26 World Leaders Summit in Glasgow, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement on its website.

“Modi commended Johnson’s successful efforts in organizing the summit and his commitment and personal leadership in tackling climate change,” the statement said, adding that “India is ready to cooperate with the United Kingdom in climate-related areas, including finance, technology, energy transformation in various forms, and disaster response infrastructure.” Coalition – A group of countries, UN agencies, trusts, banks and members, “The private sector is trying to build disaster-resistant infrastructure.

The Prime Ministers also discussed the so-called 2030 Roadmap, a plan for bilateral cooperation in various fields until the end of the decade adopted in May this year.

The ministry said officials were paying special attention to trade, economy, health, safety and security.

Modi and Johnson touched on current regional and international issues, including the situation in Afghanistan and the Indo-Pacific region, as well as counter-terrorism and post-epidemic economic recovery.

The statement said Modi had called on Johnson to return to India and that “COP26” operations would continue till November 12.

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