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أبطال فيلم علم المشارك في المسابقة الدولية

The producer of the Palestinian movie “Alam” after showing it at the Cairo Film Festival: We deliberately hinted at homosexuality | news

The Palestinian film “Alam” was shown for the third time within the activities of the 44th Cairo Film Festival, and its premiere was in the Arab world on Friday, November 18th.

“Alam” by Firas Khoury, produced by France, Tunisia, Palestine and Saudi Arabia, revolves around five Palestinian teenagers from the Arab homeland, who are trying to assess the dangers they will face in their struggle against being forced to forget history.

Naomi Lagadec, the film’s producer, was present during the festival, and in an exclusive interview with, she talked about behind the scenes of making the film, and also answered many of the questions that surrounded it.

Among the scenes that sparked controversy was a scene in which the two heroes, “Tamer” and “Safwat”, appeared while they were sleeping on the same bed in their underwear and surrounded by red lighting, which had clear indications about their sexual orientation. Naomi commented on that point, saying: “We deliberately hinted at homosexuality.” In the film, the director wanted to make Safwat a bisexual.

She added, “We did not put this hint without a reason, but director Firas Khoury has many gay friends and wanted to represent them well in the film.”

Despite this, the film’s producer believes that it does not shed light on homosexuality and is not concerned with it clearly and explicitly, and for this reason the makers were not afraid of the reactions, as she said: “We were not worried about the audience’s reaction because homosexuality exists indirectly and we could have denied it. But we acknowledge what we want to put forward without worrying.”

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Naomi added, “I didn’t expect for a moment that the movie wasn’t taken seriously just because the protagonists are in their teens. Teens are the future and it’s important to make their voices heard, and the subject of the movie is very serious.”

The film “Alam” is participating in the international competition, written and directed by Firas Khoury, starring Mahmoud Bakri, Cyrine Al-Khass, Saleh Bakri, Muhammad Karaki, and filmed by Farida Marzouk and edited by Nadia Bin Rashid.

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