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The pyramids are among the most prominent and oldest engineering monuments visible in space

The pyramids are among the most prominent and oldest engineering monuments visible in space

The Australian magazine “Life Science” highlighted the archaeological and architectural monuments that appear from outer space, the Pharaonic pyramids.

The magazine said that there are a number of man-made structures that can be seen from space, noting that the Bingham Canyon mine, located about 20 miles (32 km) southeast of Salt Lake City, is the largest man-made drilling operation ever. It is also the deepest “open pit” mine anywhere in the world, according to the Universities Space Research Consortium. The mine is so large that it can not only be seen from the Karman Line without the need to zoom in, but can also be seen by astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle. NASA, which was orbiting at an altitude of between 190 and 330 miles. (305 to 531 km) above sea level.

Karman line

She added that another engineering feat, Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, can also be seen from the Karman Line in the Earth’s atmosphere, according to NASA and thanks to an 800 mm (31 inch) lens, the artificial islands can be clearly seen from the International Space Station (ISS), which orbits At an average altitude of about 250 miles (400 km) above sea level.

She added that there was little disagreement among astronauts about whether the Giza pyramids could be seen with the naked eye from space, and British astronaut Tim Peake suggested they could not, but acknowledged that the massive structures could be seen relatively clearly through an 800 mm lens, however, Leroy Qiao, a former NASA astronaut and commander of the International Space Station, insists he spotted the pyramids while in orbit.

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“There is a lot that can be seen from the International Space Station, even with the naked eye, for example, I once found the Great Pyramids with a close-up, and I can see the big pyramids with the naked eye – as long as the lighting and weather conditions are good – as two small points,” said Qiao.

The magazine confirmed that the Great Wall of China cannot be seen from space with the naked eye, and certainly cannot be seen from an orbiting spacecraft, and Hadfield confirmed that this is the case, writing, saying: “It is very narrow that follows natural lines and colors.”