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The Queen of Britain ranks second on the list of kings who have ruled the most

The Queen of Britain ranks second on the list of kings who have ruled the most

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According to the British Sky News Channel, British Queen Elizabeth II is on the list of the most reigning kings in human history, surpassing King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IV) of Thailand, who ruled for 70 years 126 days from 1927 to 2016.

With this film, the 96-year-old British Queen is less than two years away from an absolute record.

First on the list goes to the French King Louis XIV (1638-1715), who ruled for 72 years and 110 days.

In September 2015, he broke the record of Queen Elizabeth II (1819-1901) for the longest time he was on the throne.

The British Queen is currently a senior head of state and long-lived female monarch.

The “Sky News” channel did not mention the date of the reign of the King of Swaziland (now Eswatini), who was proclaimed supreme leader in his country at the age of 4 months and ruled for 82 years 254 days. .

During her reign, Queen Elizabeth II traveled to more than 100 countries and participated in more than 21,000 events.

He gave his royal assent to 4,000 laws and welcomed more than 112 world leaders to London. During his tenure, 14 prime ministers were replaced in Britain and 14 in the United States.

This year, Britain celebrates the 70th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

The official celebrations of the event took place from 2 to 5 June in the United Kingdom.