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محمد فراج وبسنت شوقي

The question that caused Muhammad Farraj and Basant Shawky to cry in ABtalks… They asked to stop filming (video) | news

The artist, Mohamed Farraj, and the artist, Basant Shawky, could not hold back their tears during their meeting with the media, Anas Bukhash.

This was in an episode of the ABtalks program, in which they talked about their relationship and each asked a series of questions to the other.

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The last question that Muhammad Farraj asked Basant Shawqi in the episode was, “If this is the last time you see me, what will you say to me?”

And as soon as Muhammad Faraj read the question, he started crying and asked to stop filming, to actually stop for a few minutes, and when he came back, Sant started crying and said that she could not even imagine it.


After the presenter of the program, Anas Bukhash, calmed her down, she sent a message to Farraj, in which she said: “Thank you for the love, and thank you for containing and fighting you, and that you are submissive and love you very much.”

During the meeting, Basant Shawky did not hold back her tears more than once and said that when she talks about their relationship, it is very emotional.


Bassant Shawqi said that at first, when she got to know Muhammad Farraj, she did not like him, saying, “I hate him and he was an annoying person for me,” but by chance brought them together in one series and a scene that took more than 5 hours to film, and from this moment began to converge.

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It is noteworthy that Mohamed Farraj has been busy filming his series “Room 207”, consisting of 10 episodes, from a script and dialogue by Tamer Ibrahim, starring Reham Abdel Ghafour, Nardin Faraj, Murad Makram and Youssef Othman.

As for Basant Shawky, she recently participated in an episode of the series “The Last Scene” entitled “Salaf Wa Deen” starring Nelly Karim and Ahmed Daoud.

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