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The real hero of one of the most famous Hollywood films is accused of terrorism

A Rwandan court is set to rule on Monday in the case of Paul Rusisabagina, the man who was praised for his starring in a Hollywood movie about the 1994 genocide but was later accused by authorities of masterminding terrorism from exile.

Rossapagina, 67, denies the accusations and says he was kidnapped. The family of the accused says that his health is poor.

Prosecutors demanded a life sentence for the accused, who faces nine charges including terrorism, arson, hostage-taking and forming an armed group he ran from the United States.

Rossabagina gained world fame after the release of the movie “Hotel Rwanda” or “Hotel Rwanda”, in which an actor embodied his role as he risked his life to provide refuge for hundreds of people. He is the manager of a luxury hotel in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, during the 100-day genocide in which Hutu extremists killed more than 800,000, mostly from the Tutsi minority.

American actor Don Cheadle played Rossapagina in the film and was nominated for an Oscar.

Rossapagina used his fame to highlight what he described as rights abuses by the Kagame government.

His trial began in February, six months after his arrest upon arrival in Kigali.


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