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The reason for Mahmoud El-Meligy's anger at Mohamed Sobhi in his play "The lesson is over, stupid" .. Video

The reason for Mahmoud El-Meligy’s anger at Mohamed Sobhi in his play “The lesson is over, stupid” .. Video

Thank you for reading the news about the reason for Mahmoud El-Meligy’s anger at Mohamed Sobhi in his play “The lesson is over, you fool” .. video and now with the details of the news

Cairo – Samia Sayed – during his hosting in Gulf 365, the artist, Mohamed Sobhi, told about a situation that happened to him with the great artist Mahmoud El-Meligy, who participated in the play “The lesson is over, stupid.” He said: We learned and lived in a generation much better than us, which is the generation of pioneers seriously, and we did not learn art from them. Only but commitment. When Mahmoud El-Meligy came with his great stardom and Tawfiq El-Daqn in his stature as well, and they presented a theatrical work with an actor at that time, I was unknown and they agreed to be an absolute hero with them and help me, this is the greatest support from a great artist to an actor in his beginnings.

He added: I remember at that time that the artist Mahmoud El-Meligy came to me a week after the show and “he shouted at me” and said: We stood beside you, me and Tawfiq Al-Daqn, and we were there to keep you as a star while I was standing next to you on the stage and asked me: Why are you terrified? Say Alvihat and do not be afraid.

He also pointed out: I also do not forget in Tunisia when he made me greet the audience at the end of the show, and he was the one who introduced me to the audience. At that time, I got the highest applause in my life because of Mahmoud El Meligy on the Municipal Theater in Tunisia. El Meligy said to me: You were born here and became a star.

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The Jordanian Minister of Culture Haifa Al-Najjar honored the great star Muhammad Sobhi during the celebration of the centenary of the Kingdom of Jordan, which was held at Al-Ahliyya Amman University for his total contributions to artistic and national works. I felt guilty that I was born from here and robbed Palestine at the time, and I lived my life artistically believing in this cause.

Muhammad Sobhi added: Jordan has fixed principles that do not change, and I have always said that I am an Arab and a nationalist, even if in our time we accuse those who are Arab and nationalists of being deranged. This celebration, I say, that he who does not know his past does not live in his present and does not build his future, and this means that we are aware of 100 years of a homeland.