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The recovery boom will last until 2023

United States Complete heroes of Post-Govt recovery.

American power growth and the pace of forecasts seem unmatched To raise For the next few months.

This climate of hope was also confirmed

Jamie Timon d J.P. Morgan Chase: A lucky series of factors set in motionAmerican economy For at least two more years.

United States Can’t stop up 2023? Ratings.

USA: The economy will fly until at least 2023

In a letter to shareholders, Timon’s clear words on the path the United States wrote:

“With the excess savings, new savings spurred, huge deficit costs, and I have no doubt many more That, A new impetus Infrastructure, Ecstasy at the end of a successful vaccination and epidemic, the U.S. economy is likely to grow. This Boom Can move easily 2023

There are many interventions that have given the right impetus to the United States.

Timon recalled that federal bailout plans had been mitigated in an unprecedented way Unemployment And avoided economic devastation.

Banks also went into crisis with force and were able to help communities cope with the storm. Although lenders have also benefited from federal stimulus, they have accumulated Balance against future losses According to Diman, he excelled at loans and stress tests.

The cost power to be released by the consumer will be the exception. Therefore, the most favorable opportunities for world power.

Not just hope: tough challenges for America

“While he is optimistic about the immediate future of the economy, the United States faces serious challenges.”: Does not obscure the shadow elements of his country Timon.

Inequalities Race, income, and access to health care are all obstacles to overcome with a policy of changing speed.

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The nation needs the end “Act for the common good beyond our differences and personal interests”, According to Timon.

To the CEO of J.P. MorganHowever, the good news for the United States is that all of these challenges are solvable.