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The Red Sea Fund provides support to 14 Arab film projects

The Red Sea International Film Festival revealed today that 14 new Arab cinema projects have received support from the Red Sea Fund for production or post-production operations, as part of its first session for the 2020-2021 season. The Red Sea Fund was launched to provide support for film projects by providing the funding they need. , with the aim of realizing these projects and turning them into cinematic works that will travel to audiences around the world.

This cycle of funding is a preparatory catalyst for the Red Sea Fund, whose launch was announced last June, as the fund received more than 650 applications for the development, production and completion of projects, which will be reviewed and the selected projects announced in December.

The list of announced projects includes feature films and documentaries from 10 countries: Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Qatar, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. Two films have achieved international success, the first for Oscar-nominated director and Cannes Prize winner for short films, Elie Dagher, whose film The Sea Before You was shown at the Directors’ Half-Month Festival last July. Meanwhile, the Toronto International Film Festival this month will host the world premiere of the film “Joy”, directed by Darren Salam.

  • The feature film “Joy” directed by Darren Salam (Jordan, Sweden)
  • Feature Film “The Sea Before You” directed by Elie Dagher (France, Lebanon, USA, Belgium, Qatar)
  • Feature Film “Qurban” directed by Najib Belkadhi (Tunisia)
  • Feature Documentary “Take Me to the Cinema” directed by Al-Baqer Jaafar (Iraq, Egypt)
  • Feature Film “Sola” directed by Salah Assaad (Algeria)
  • The feature film “Bottles” directed by Ragheed Al-Nahdi, Noura Al-Mawlid, Ruba Khafaji, Fatima Al-Hazmi, Nour Al-Amir (Saudi Arabia)
  • Feature Film “Antonio Tarr” directed by Hedi Ould Mohand (Morocco, France)
  • The long documentary film “Restore” directed by Rashid Mashharawi (Palestine)
  • The feature film “Route 10” directed by Omar Naim (Saudi Arabia)
  • The feature film “Basma” directed by Fatima Al-Banawi (Saudi Arabia, Egypt)
  • Feature Film “I am a Cedar” directed by Mira Shoaib (Lebanon)
  • The feature film “Inshallah will be born” directed by Amjad Al-Rasheed (Jordan)
  • Feature Film “The Arabic Translator” directed by Ali Karim (Iraq, Germany, Qatar)
  • Feature Film “The Wind Also Sings” Hadi Ghandour (Lebanon, Tunisia)
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On this occasion, the artistic director of the festival, Edward Weintraub, confirmed the global presence of Arab cinema, adding: “Arab cinema enjoys creative talents that tell new stories inspired by Arab culture and heritage. Therefore, we must continue to support Arab filmmakers throughout the year, and provide them with what they lack in funding or capabilities to reach Now, we are proud when we see Arab films at the Venice Film Festival or other international festivals, and there is no doubt that the coming years will witness more of these achievements.”