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The refurbished Skoda Kodiaq is presented at a huge exhibition.  Test it with us!

The refurbished Skoda Kodiaq is presented at a huge exhibition. Test it with us!

The largest SUV at the Mladá Boleslav auto show recently faced a facelift. We will try in the coming hours on the borders of France and Switzerland. And you can join.

The Skoda Kodiaq seven-seater SUV was officially introduced to the world five years ago. This is the perfect time to carry out the renovation, which mainly brought minor innovations, but also one of the major novelties related to Mathematical derivative RS. He replaced the biturbo diesel 2.0 TDI (176 kW) with a more attractive gasoline engine 2.0 TSI (180 kW).

We are currently testing the enhanced Kodiaq for you as part of international flights, and you can look forward to an article and video soon. And not only with classic kodiaqs, but also “eres”, which cannot be missed at the automaker’s event a few dozen kilometers from Mont Blanc. Even before we post first impressions of the revamped SUV, we’ve got a huge gallery for you, which captures all the important changes.

And if you want to join our driving experiences, the easiest way is through our driving Instagram profile This is where we will give you new behind-the-scenes information and photos, at the same time you can ask us anything you are interested in about this model.


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