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The release of the clip "You are my cat" by Omar Kamal and Hamada Magdy with the dancer Oksana "Video"

The release of the clip “You are my cat” by Omar Kamal and Hamada Magdy with the dancer Oksana “Video”

You are now following the details of the news of the release of the video clip “Anti Katta” by Omar Kamal and Hamada Magdy with the dancer Oksana “Video” exclusively on our website.

Cairo on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 07:46 pm – Mohamed El-Sayed – /701390/trouble-clip-Ante-My-Cat-Omar-Kamal-And-Hamada-Magdy-With-Dancer-Oksana-Video

Dot Al Khaleej monitors for you the release of the workers of Kamal and Hamada Magdy, the song “You are my cat” with Oksana

Song You Are My Cat in collaboration with Oksana

And a video clip for the song “Anti Katta” in cooperation between Omar Kamal and Hamada Magdy, with lyric poet Mustafa Hadouta, composer Nader Zaki, and music arrangement by Islam Sasso, directed by Younes.

It is worth noting that festival performer Omar Kamal published a clip of his new song “Anti Katta” in cooperation with popular singer Hamada Magdy, through his official account on the famous Instagram photo and video exchange site, and comments poured out on the video.

Omar Kamal raises controversy

Omar Kamal announced that the full video clip for the song “Anti Katta” will be released soon, in which he and Hamada Magdy appeared dressed in white on a yacht with a dancer wearing a pink dress and she was dancing to the song.

They were bombarded by a torrent of attacking comments, as one of them said: “Women’s swaying and nudity is a necessary need for the song’s success, a level that has become God’s rock bottom over the days of the beautiful time and the authentic rapture that Egypt used to sing about.”

And another comment said: “By God, the song of Baykha and the song of Al-Ghazala is a good one. It succeeded and broke the world without regret.”

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Omar Kamal crises

On the other hand, the musician Helmy Bakr launched an attack on Omar Kamal for changing the lyrics of the song “Bint Al Jeeran” from “Wine and Hashish” to “Dates and Milk”, during a party he held during the Riyadh entertainment season.

In an interview with the Red Line program broadcast on Al-Hadath Al-Youm satellite channel, Helmy Bakr said that he could not accept his apology after insulting Egypt, commenting: “We all have this condemnation, and whoever demands his acquittal will be condemned. I can say that they have no taste.”

He added: “The attempt of the artist Hani Shaker to save public taste is not enough.” He also attacked the singer Mohamed Attia, describing him as “the singer of the one song.”

We showed you, our valued visitors, the most important details about the news of the release of the clip “Anti Katta” by Omar Kamal and Hamada Magdy with the dancer Oksana “Video” on Dot Al Khaleej in this article. We hope to have provided you with all the details clearly and with more credibility and transparency. Subscribe with us for free through our alerts system on your browser or by joining the mailing list and we look forward to providing you with all that is new.