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The renovated charging station in Brussels has hosted a Czech cultural program

The renovated charging station in Brussels has hosted a Czech cultural program

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Brussels – a fashion show featuring the work of young designers from the Czech Republic and Belgium, as well as an exhibition on Czech art in a public place. Thus continued the cultural program accompanying the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union in Brussels. The event on Saturday afternoon hosted one of the Belgian capital’s new architectural gems – a former cargo terminal in the port area, which in recent years has been transformed into a modern space for work and culture.

“Of all the events we organize for the Czech Presidency, this is by far the most unconventional, some would say crazy,” smiled Jitka Pánek Jurková, Director of the Czech Center in Brussels, where she performed a fashion show for a young Czech and young man. Belgian designers.

The show was part of the Next Us project, founded by Lucas Spilka. A graduate of UMPRUM in Prague and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp is trying to open the door to the fashion world to the general public and support young and talented colleagues. At the Brussels station of the session, forty models were presented, among which were the works of graduates of the art schools of Prague, Brno, Pilsen, Zlin and Liberec.

“I think we’ve seen great talent from the students, both from the Czech Republic and Belgium. We’ve seen emerging stars who in a few years may walk much taller and bigger catwalks than here,” said Daniela Verfleuth, another Czech representative who rated the show. Before the eyes of hundreds of onlookers, men’s and women’s clothing of different colors and cuts alternate, from relatively conservative models to very eccentric models using items such as pillows or full-face masks.

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The parade berth has been constructed in part of the approximately 300 meter central walkway at Gare Maritime (Marine Terminal) in Brussels. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, this gigantic building has served for decades as a place where goods brought to Brussels by ship and loaded onto trains are unloaded. It is now a kind of “covered city” with offices, shops, restaurants and a large space for cultural events.

The building underwent extensive refurbishment at the turn of the last decade and the current decade, in which the metal-structured hangars have been supplemented with timber cells for the commercial spaces as well as the interior gardens. The work of Belgian and Dutch architects emphasized sustainability and paid off in the last year evaluation European Commission. At the same time, the Gare Maritime has become the dominant component of the fledgling Tour & Taxis complex, named after the princely Thurn-Taxis family, giving new life to industrial buildings located on the canal north of the historic center of Brussels.

The issue of innovative use of public spaces is also addressed through an exhibit that can be seen in the former charging station throughout the weekend. The paintings with dozens of photographs represent art projects that have revived and revitalized the streets and industrial parks of Czech cities, from Prague to Ostrava, in the past three decades. The concept follows an interactive installation by artist Tomáš Moravec in a park near Gare Maritime, which simulates the mechanism of marine radars.

Examples of Czech art in public spaces are a selection from Z galerie ven! , held in Prague in the summer. Dan Merta, one of the curators, told ČTK in Brussels that the aim is to show the possibilities of creating a better quality public space through architectural interventions, design or organizing festivals. He said it was an honor to have his team display the exhibition at Gare Maritime. According to him, the space could be an example for Czech cities, although he noted that it was created thanks to private investment.

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“I haven’t seen anything like this yet,” Mirta added.

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