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The researchers explained how platelets strengthen Vda cells

Prague The Czech-French team of scientists has revealed how platelets potentiate the effects of mesenchyme, that is, the birth of stem cells (MSCs), which can grow into other cells. Mitochondrial transport plays an important role in the association of platelets and mesenchymal stem cells. Mitochondria are intrinsic forms that are compared to cellular electrolytes. The vd R Academy (AV) reported the research in the press first.

Mitochondrial transition occurs between platelets and birth stem cells, which gives me the characteristics of these birth cells. This transfer enhances the processes that lead to the formation of substances, increasing their effect on wound healing.

TM conducted trials on all calls and beeches. The introduction of platelets with beech mesenchymal stem cells into the wound on the surface of a test mouse leads to an acceleration of healing, which is related to the activating properties of CSCs and their apparent promotion of mitochondrial translocation, said Professor G Newell, Head of the Department of Biotechnology. AV Molecular Therapy Laboratory.

It is also clear that mitochondrial transport between platelets and MSCs occurs through the process of mitochondrial endocytosis, which is released by platelets in the form of microvesicles. We believe that this discovery contributes not only to the good processes of our cells, but also to the activation and potential use of mesenchymal stem cells, the scientist added.

The findings, according to the research, reveal how the new mechanism enhances the properties of mesenchymal stem cells. This highlights the importance of quality mitochondrial platelet testing prior to clinical use. The study was published in Prestin by Cell Metabolism.

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Researchers from the Laboratory of Molecular Therapy and the Laboratory of Reproductive Biology at the Institute of Biotechnology at the Biocev Center and the laboratory of Ann-Marie Rodriguez of the Université Paris-Sud collaborated on the research. Tm wants to further investigate the molecular mechanism of mitochondrial transfer from platelets to MSCs. Scientists want to share new knowledge for use in practice.