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The return of the private sector cinema.. 3 stars embody the starring roles alongside Ayman Zidan in “Vic Up”

The Syrian stars Nazli Al-Rawas, Rowad Alyo and Mirna Shalfoun, along with the creative godfather Ayman Zeidan, joined the social film “fake AP, directed by the able director Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed.

The work is the first private sector movie in years, and the film is a script by Ziad Sari, produced by Sarab Art Production Company, produced by Hossam Hussein Labash, and it includes an elite group of Syrian drama stars.

The star Nazli Al-Rawas spoke about her participation in the film, expressing her happiness to be with the star Ayman Zidan, and said: “With pride, I will be with the dear professor Ayman Zidan with his great name, and the able director Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed.”

She added, “In the film, I play the character of one of Salem’s wives, played by the star Ayman Zeidan. This loving and loyal woman to her husband, resorts to all means and means to protect him from her prey and other interesting details that I leave to the viewer.”

As for the star, Rawad Aliw, she expressed her happiness to be in a Syrian film within Syria, stressing that revitalizing the cinema sector is a great responsibility, especially in these exceptional circumstances that constitute a great challenge for those in charge of it.

She added, in exclusive statements: “We are witnessing to the producing company their attempt to present an important cinematic work in very difficult circumstances… Everyone at work loved the project and worked impulsively, from actors, directors and technicians, even the street is happy and very anxious, and hopes that it will be the beginning of the return of cinema.”

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And she continued, “We hope to present a cinematic material with content, and that it will be a light meal, in the midst of these difficult conditions we are living in.”

And she added, “I am happy to cooperate with the godfather Ayman Zidan, who has great credit for me, in entering the Artists Syndicate when he was the head of a committee at the time, and he predicted me a successful future. I worked with him in the beginning, but not directly, and now I am very proud to stand with him in one work.” .

Aliyu pointed out the beauty of the atmosphere surrounding the filming, expressing her happiness to be with Nazly and Mirna, and concluded: “We work hard, me and my colleagues, before the scenes, to perfect the performance in a lightly accessible format for the viewer, with the guidance of Professors Ayman and Ahmed.”

In turn, the star Mirna Shalfoun expressed her great happiness to realize her dream of entering the field of cinema, as her first cinematic experience.

She said, “It is very nice to find myself in the cinema, for it is an old dream that has come true, and the most beautiful thing is to be with the creator Ayman Zidan, in addition to the able director Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed, along with names that have a special place in the hearts of followers.”

She added, “I hope the private sector encourages cinema, for cinema has a special luster, and constitutes a very interesting and interesting social situation. In Syria, we deserve to have cinema with the same importance and prestige as the drama in the Arab world.”

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She concluded: “The film is a nice comedy that carries wonderful ideas, and presents a beautiful proposition that is close to the viewer, and I hope to repeat this experience, God willing.”

A large group of Syrian stars will soon join the work, which the company will reveal later, to be an integrated work with all artistic and cinematic elements, catering to the taste of the Arab public.