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The return of the rally legend.  The Italians revived the Lancia 037 as a rear-wheel drive with a power of 377 kW

The return of the rally legend. The Italians revived the Lancia 037 as a rear-wheel drive with a power of 377 kW

Italian racer Luca Petti decided to revive the idea of ​​the famous Lancia 037, the star of the 80’s march. His company, Kimera Automobili, will build only 37 blocks of this restaurant.

The Lancia 037 is one of the most famous rally cars in history. Special with the engine mid-race in the eighties in the famous Group B, it even won the World Rally Championship as the last zadokolka. Now, in their homeland of Italy, they have decided to revive the famous special show.

Behind the project, simply called Evo37, is the Italian company Kimera Automobili, led by Italian racer Luca Petit, who in the past regularly competed in the Czech Rally Barum. The creators decided to use the popular Restomode concept today, using a combination of historical foundations with modern technology.

Thus the outward appearance remains true to the origin. There’s also a rugged-looking face with four round headlights, which are in the spirit of the modern era a diode, as well as prominent rear sides and a strong pressure wing on the rear.

However, the basis of the construction is also modern. Body panels are no longer made of fiberglass like the 1980s, but of carbon. Then the body also becomes a little longer than the original.


The concept of the drive system is also preserved. The 2.1-liter four-cylinder still has longitudinal storage in the center, as in the previous Rally 03 Evolution 2. Instead of the compressor there is a turbocharger, while the result of the new design is an output of 377 kW and a torque of 550 Nm.

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It goes without saying that only the rear wheels are serviced, and there is also a manual transmission. In the past, there was also talk of the introduction of an ATV or a serial gearbox. Modern technology is also represented by 4-element Öhlins suspension or Brembo brakes made of carbon and ceramic available.

As is often the case with restomodes, Project Evo37 is definitely not for everyone. Regarding the name of the legend, Kimera Automobili plans to build only 37 copies of this car, which will also cost 480,000 euros (more than 12.2 million crowns). Audiences will see it live for the first time at the upcoming July Festival of Speed ​​in Goodwood, and first customers will see it in September.

The Lancia 037 was built on the basis of the Montecarlo, but was originally worked on by Abarth, which was to take over the assembly activities of the Fiat Group according to the original plans. But that didn’t happen in the end. The car designed according to group B rules was first used in 1982, and a year later it became a title among brands. The road version was subsequently produced between 1982 and 1987, but it was a dump specialty, when only 207 parts were created.