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أحمد سعد أعرب عن شكره لمهرجان دبي للتسوق. الإمارات اليوم

The rhythms of joy begin with “Dubai Shopping” .. the presence of the entire number “on this sweet day”

The rhythms of joy sounded with the first concerts of the Dubai Shopping Festival in its 28th session, which was performed by the artists Ahmed Saad and Mohamed Hamaki in the “Coca-Cola Arena” hall in Dubai, during an evening full of fans of the two Egyptian stars, who flooded the stage.

This year, the Dubai Shopping Festival is full of a schedule full of events and various entertainment shows that seek to attract wide segments of the public, most notably a series of concerts and live music performances by singing and music stars in the region, in addition to many cultural and entertainment shows for families in various shopping destinations in the emirate. , from January 15 to January 29, 2023.

An enthusiastic look

The artistic ceremony began with Ahmed Saad’s enthusiastic look to the rhythm of his famous song “Kings”, before the artist thanked the Dubai Festivals and Retail Corporation, which gave him an exceptional opportunity to meet “these sweet people on this sweet day,” as he put it, and to present his famous song with which he interacted. The expanded audience, demanding that some of its clips be repeated over and over, which the Egyptian star accepted with a generous heart, completing the performance of a bouquet of his most popular songs that ranged from enthusiastic youthful rhythms, and the most important “titras” experiences presented by the artist in a number of recent dramas and films such as the song “I Love You, My Friend” in the series “Younis Weld Fadda” and the song “My Words End” in the comedy movie “Morespectable, but a Quarter”, in addition to a series of other songs such as “You Have Eyes”, “I Asked Myself a Lot” and “An Ordinary End”. ”, before fulfilling the audience’s desire and concluding his singing link again with the song “What is this sweet day” from his movie “Their Uncle”, which was recently shown in Emirati cinemas.

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Interaction and rapture

For his part, from the first moments of his entry into the stage, singer Mohamed Hamaki succeeded in arousing the enthusiasm of the audience, with the rhythms of the launch song, “Myself, I Keep His Side,” with which the audience swayed, before the artist paused for a moment to express a word of thanks and gratitude to the management of the Dubai Shopping Festival, which Hamaki opened its session. For the second time in a row, promising to make this new meeting exceptional, accompanied by an “extraordinary” audience, as he put it.

And to the rhythm of a selection of his songs, Hamaki managed to create a special atmosphere of interaction and enthusiastic cheers that spread throughout the stage. And to the tunes of “The Most Beautiful Day” and “No Blame”, the audience immersed themselves in the atmosphere of the ceremony, repeating the most famous words of Hamaki’s works, leading to his new song “Adrenaline”, before Hamaki decided to dive into the ritual of rapture, using the connections of “oud” and authentic oriental tones, to present A clip from the most beautiful classics of the Lady of Arabic Singing, the song “Forget You”. Over the course of more than an hour and a half, Hamaki succeeded in creating an atmosphere of joy and mirth through a bouquet of his most famous songs, including “The Sweetest Need in You”, which was chanted by the audience for a long time, passing through the song “Wahda Wahda”, which he presented in the movie “Wish Igram” by artist Ahmed Helmy. , up to his song “From My Heart, I Sing” and other works that distinguished the artist throughout his career, which qualified him to win several awards.

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Entertainment programs

The Dubai Shopping Festival includes a variety of concerts by Arab and foreign artists, as well as food experiences, deals, and attractive promotions that satisfy all segments of the audience.

Ahmed Saad presented his song “The Sweet People De,” which the audience interacted with, demanding that some of its clips be repeated over and over, which Saad accepted with open arms.

For more than an hour and a half, Hamaki succeeded in creating an atmosphere of joy and mirth through a bouquet of his well-known songs during the concert.

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