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The richest woman in the UK, her annual salary may shock you .. the highest in the world

The richest woman in the UK, her annual salary may shock you .. the highest in the world

Although his salary was reduced by 40%, he was not caught by the founder and CEO of Dennis Coates, the betting company of Bet365 Group.

Coates, 54, has been earning about 300 300 million ($ 400 million) in annual salary and profit for the year ended March 2021, and his salary has topped $ 1 billion over the past two years, according to the company’s disclosure file on the London Stock Exchange. .

Sources told Bloomberg that Coates’ salary was 9 249.6 million, down about 40% from the previous year and 46 469 million, making him the most expensive CEO in the world, according to al-Arabia. Saw. Net “.

Coates became the richest woman in the UK after consolidating her stake in the company as a majority shareholder in Bet365, following the acquisition of shares owned by her father Peter Coates last year.

Founded almost two decades ago, Bet365 has benefited from the growing popularity of online gaming betting.

The company recorded revenue of £ 2.8 billion for the financial year ended March 28, 2021, which did not change much from the previous year as the epidemic continued to affect sports betting due to postponed or canceled events.

Coates graduated from the University of Sheffield with a degree in economics, trained as an accountant, and later took charge of his father’s small racing shops.

He became a director of the company at the age of 22 and increased the number of stores before deciding to convert the business to online betting.

Besides Bet365, Coates and his family own the Stoke City Football Club.

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