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“The Rock” surprises his cousin with a new house

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Famous actor and wrestler Dwayne Douglas Johnson, known as “The Rock”, surprised his cousin Tamina, with a new house, and appeared with her in a video, crying with joy while “The Rock” led her through the door, and told her: “Welcome to your new home.” .

The Rock became a wrestling icon and Hollywood star at the age of 50, while Tamina is still 44, and in a touching gesture, he posted her reaction on his account on “Instagram, covering her eyes with his hand before telling her:” We love you so much, and so proud. Welcome, and welcome to your new home.

Then Tamina, who was preparing to start her career as a professional wrestler, covered her mouth in astonishment before being overtaken by emotion, and “The Rock” smiled, while Tamina hugged him inside the luxury property. Through her new door, and I felt good, I’ve known my cousin since we were little kids growing up together.”

He added, “This girl has been through some tough times, but no matter what life she has gone through, she was always determined to break the cycle and become a powerful and inspiring example of a single mother to the greatest inspiration to her daughters Melita and Malita.”

And the famous wrestler continued in his post on “Instagram”, and it was published by “The Sun”: “It is very difficult to make Tamina a professional wrestler, but she is like many wonderful women in professional wrestling, and she will earn her respect in professional wrestling, and make sure that the difficult times she went through It was always her reason to work hard and never let it go. It became an excuse to give up.”

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