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The ruins of Usyk Castle are one of the largest in Central Europe

The ruins of Usyk Castle are one of the largest in Central Europe

It is one of the largest castle ruins in Central Europe. The castle was never completed, however it is of respectable dimensions – its length is more than 250 meters, and its width varies from 60 to 95 meters. The built-up area was larger than that of Karlštejn. That is why he received the name Riesenburg, that is, the giant castle. German names were fashionable at the time.

Gentlemen, boys at Pokštejn

Now partially cleared and secured from trees thanks to enthusiasts from the Civic Society, he played under the name Pokštejn in the film Gentlemen Boys. Director Věra Plívová-Šimková set up a passage here, where three children of heroes can hide in a castle of punishment and find money from a looted bank.

Beautiful gothic lining for the gate

Photo: Vratislav Konyon

Before you reach the ruins, you can learn a lot about them from the slabs spread from the hillside to the castle walls. There are about 25 of them, I’ve never seen such a number anywhere, it’s like a crossroads.

Borich, where do you look?

The founder of the castle was probably King Wenceslas I. Boreš I of Osek was the builder and owner of the castle that guarded the trade route through the Ore Mountains to Saxony. According to the rake of the coat of arms, František Palacký named Hrabišici, although the owners of Riesenburg wrote.

Drawing the castle will give an idea of ​​its size.

Photo: Vratislav Konyon

Boreš I was a favorite of King Václav, serving as the highest guard in the Czech kingdom. Thanks to him, the rebellion of Wenceslas’ son Přemysl Otakar II was suppressed. Přemysl never forgiven him. In 1275 he opposed the king unsuccessfully, and in 1277 he was captured and executed along with Xavis, king of Falkenstein.

The castle was owned by the Hrabišice family until 1398. Then, without the knowledge of the king, it was sold to the Margrave of Meissen, Willem. This happened due to the large indebtedness of the last Hrapichi.

Residential tower on the highest point in Rzmburk

Photo: Vratislav Konyon

The huge castle was occupied by the thief owner مالك

Only after you reach the rugged ruins will you realize the strength of the castle standing on a rocky outcrop between two streams. In the Middle Ages, the cliffs in the area were probably bare so that the movement of a potential enemy could be observed. Now the castle is shaded by the surrounding forest.

There is a heart with residential towers and a chapel on the highest point of the promontory, adjacent to the west and south a large area of ​​the lower castle walled with towers. Everything is controlled by a huge burgverite, the last refuge of the defenders. The tower served as an observation point, due to the emergency it was closed.

Huge Sanctuary Tower – Burgfriet

Photo: Vratislav Konyon

The favorite and favorite creditor of King Prokop of Raptigen settled here. His successor, Henri Rapstein, was so stingy that he launched raids on Saxony. The frenzy was stopped by the Saxon princes in 1473, when the castle was clearly invaded. This began the gradual demise of the still-powerful castle.

Romantic trip place

The other owners were the Kaplí family of Sulevice, who eventually settled in the mansion in Duchov and Rýzmburk began to decay. It was in ruins after a fire in the 16th century. The Wallenstein people of Duchcov did not allow it to completely collapse, and the partially reformed one was used on romantic trips. In 1922, state property was confiscated.

Often visited by tourists, for most locals it is a matter of the heart. Relaxing here is a real balm for the soul, a few kilometers from civilization.

Cistercian Monastery in Usik

Photo: Vratislav Konyon

Usyk monastery

Today, the castle is owned by the city of Osik, where the magnificent Cistercian monastery is located. The Baroque complex has its foundations in a Romanesque Gothic monastery. It includes the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, a monastery, a monastery and farm buildings. He brews very good beer here.

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