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The Russian daily newspaper has redrawn the map of Europe.  He will give the Czech Republic new lands

The Russian daily newspaper has redrawn the map of Europe. He will give the Czech Republic new lands

The emergence of a new state in Eastern Europe, the annexation of part of Ukraine to Russia, the transfer of Kaliningrad to Poland and especially the demise of Slovakia. A radical proposal appeared in the Russian daily “Pravda”, which, according to a Serbian political scientist, is aimed at achieving long-term stability in the region.

Political scientist Tihomir Zoric of the University of Sarajevo has come up with a proposal on how to redraw the map of Europe. spread his plan Russian newspaper Pravda. Undoubtedly, the proposal would please not only Ukrainians, but especially Slovaks, whose independent state was not planned, according to Zorich.

In the introduction, the political scientist discusses the common history of Russians and Ukrainians. However, he sees the ensuing events since 2014 showing that “national divorce and major geopolitical intervention can reduce irreconcilable differences”. According to Zurich, it is not realistic for the whole of Ukraine to be run as a Swiss-style confederation. According to him, similar conflicts lead to the dissolution of the state or the confederate system. According to Zorich, it is clear that both things will happen in Ukraine.

The political expert recalls that 10 years ago, petitions for the accession of Ukraine to Russia were signed, and the Church played a major role in this. According to him, these calls are “greater than the current conflict, the Putin regime and the machinations of the West.” Putin accuses that Russia in recent years, under his leadership, robbed Ukraine of its territory in a salami manner, which made the rest of the country more anti-Russian. Thus, the connection of the whole country seems unreal to Zorich.

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A new country in Europe

He sees the solution in the annexation of only the “Russian” eastern part of Ukraine to Russia, or in the creation of a confederation. According to him, the Russians should return control of Donbass and Crimea to Kyiv as a goodwill gesture. A new state, Great Galicia, will arise from western Ukraine.

Its borders will copy the Ukrainian-Belarusian border in the north and Ukraine’s borders with Moldova and Romania mostly in the south. The eastern border will extend to the east from the cities of Zhytomyr and Vinnytsia. But what is most interesting is what the borders of the new state, whose capital will be Lviv, will look in the west.

Zorich wrote: “Russia can support the transfer of part of the old Polish Galicia to the new state and the use of Kaliningrad for trade. From the lost orphan Transnistria (the breakaway region of Moldova – editor’s note)”.

The Czech Republic will also get a new territory

Zoric does not depend on Slovakia at all. He wrote: “Given that such confusion in the Carpathians already involves significant border movements, it would be useful to pay attention to the Slovak question and whether a large part of it is suitable for joining Velaka Galicia.”

He asserts that he does not have the best opinion on Slovakia, in the following sentences. “When the people of Slovakia are not mistaken with Slovenia, it is stereotypically considered perhaps the most average country in Europe – not quite attractive, but not very offensive in the East,” he claims.

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According to him, Southern Slovakia wants to join Hungary, and Slovaks living in the West are nostalgic for a common state with the Czechs. And in the east there is a large Ruthenian minority worthy of union with the people of Greater Galicia.

Zurich proposes another regional change. He will give the Croatians the Hungarian territory of more than five thousand square kilometers south of the city of Bőszénfa.