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The Russian embassy in Washington has called on the United States to destroy its chemical weapons

The Russian embassy in Washington has called on the United States to destroy its chemical weapons

Today, Friday, the Russian embassy in Washington called on the United States to destroy its chemical weapons, insisting that Moscow had removed its weapons a few years earlier.
The Russian embassy in a social networking application Telegram, according to the “Russia Today” channel, stressed that Russia had completely destroyed chemical weapons in 2017, which was confirmed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.
He emphasized that the United States was the only country participating in the Chemical Weapons Convention and did not eliminate its toxic weapons, and pointed out that Washington had the technical and financial resources to expedite the process of eliminating chemical weapons.

In another context, Russia’s Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebensia, Washington in May. During his tenure as chairman of the Security Council, he expressed confidence that it would carry out its duties impartially and would not be abused.

“Ms. President, we would like to first congratulate the United States on assuming the presidency of the Security Council in May. We hope that this session will be as effective and fair as your previous presidential regime. We need a Security Council for Ukraine.” Nebenzia said at a Security Council meeting. Should not operate nationally.

Last April, the United Kingdom accepted the presidency of the Security Council and adjourned the Security Council meeting earlier this month at Russia’s request to refute Western facts about the Ukraine massacre.

In her speech, Nebenzia avoided traditional congratulations to the former head of the Council, and in her response, US Representative Linda Thomas Greenfield thanked Russia for its willingness to “chair the UN Security Council.” Unusual phrase not used in speeches at the United Nations to other members of the Greenfield Security Council.

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