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The Russian Fund is asking Slovakia to return the Sputnik V vaccines

The Russian Fund is asking Slovakia to return the Sputnik V vaccines

Updates: 08.04.2021 19:53

Bratislava – Slovakia, according to the Russian State Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which is responsible for marketing the Sputnik V vaccine abroad, has violated the contract to supply this vaccine against covid-19. Therefore, the fund requested the Slovak government to return the shipment of the vaccine, Reuters reported. According to TASS, the RDIF stated that the Slovak State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL) violated the contract by requesting to test the shipment that Sputnik delivered in a laboratory that is not part of the official EU network of laboratories, although the network is available. In a response sent to ČTK, SÚKL described the RDIF’s statement as misleading, as EU laboratories control the quality of vaccines that were registered in the European bloc, which were not registered with Sputnik V. Although, SÚKL tried to contact the EU laboratories, but no avail.

The Russian Fund said on Twitter that it had also requested that the batch be sent to a specially accredited laboratory for further inspections. SÚKL previously reported that the vaccine it received differs from the batches reviewed by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and Lancet. According to Reuters, RDIF claims all batches are similar.

SÚKL stated that although it requested cooperation from the official European Union laboratory as well as the accredited laboratory of the Biomedical Center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS), the EU laboratories did not comply with the request regarding the use of their capabilities. According to SÚKL, the aforementioned Slovak laboratory, where the Sputnik V tests were performed, has a valid certificate regarding drug quality control. SÚKL also claimed that no one had warned him that testing at SAS would violate a secret contract with Russian manufacturer Sputnik V.

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Bratislava has not yet decided whether Sputnik V will vaccinate the population. Due to lack of information, SÚKL has not released its assessment of the benefits and risks of the Russian vaccine. Because of her extradition, Slovak Finance Minister Igor Matovic visited Moscow today, who pushed his purchase of the prime minister’s post despite opposition from part of the coalition. Matovic will comment on the results of the trip to Moscow at Friday’s press conference. Nevertheless, the former Slovak Prime Minister, through numerous contributions to social media since Wednesday, wrote about, for example, good and systematic efforts to prevent the use of Sputnik V in Slovakia, as well as launching a dirty geopolitical game against “mixed Russia”. Weapon. ”In early March, Ivan Kuruk, the head of Slovak diplomacy, described Sputnik V as a hybrid war tool.

In the morning, SÚKL warned in another statement sent to ČTK that batches of Russian vaccine submitted to the market may not be identical. “According to published reports, Sputnik V should be used in about 40 countries around the world, but these vaccines are only related to the name. The comparability and consistency of the different batches produced in different sites has not been demonstrated. This was stated by SKL. According to SÚKL, the stated different properties of the dosage are related The individuality of Sputnik V, for example, by the composition and method of producing the vaccine.

SÚKL also reported that Slovakia received a Russian vaccine that differs from the substance to be evaluated by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The Slovak authorities added that they had not received about 80 percent of the required data from the Russian vaccine manufacturer regarding Sputnik V.

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Former Prime Minister Matovi wrote on the social network that someone wants to prevent the use of Sputnik V in Slovakia. The conditions for importing the first shipment of the Russian vaccine to Slovakia last March deepened the government’s crisis in the country, leading to an exchange of the prime minister and the health minister.

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