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The Russian military operation to protect Donbass.. moment by moment

The Russian military operation to protect Donbass.. moment by moment

The media reported hearing explosions in a number of Ukrainian cities at dawn today, after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a special military operation to protect the Donbass region.

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Putin announces a special military operation to protect Donbass

Ukrainian media reported that explosions were heard in the capital, Kiev, Kramatorsk (east), Kharkov (northeast), Odessa (south) and Berdyansk (southeast), as well as in the area of ​​Boryspil International Airport in Kiev.

A TASS correspondent confirmed that explosions were heard in the area of ​​Borispol airport, near Kiev.

TASS: A large number of private cars leave the Ukrainian capital, Kiev

“Interfax”: the sound of explosions of artillery shells was heard in the outskirts of Lugansk

Putin confirms Russia launched a “special military operation against Ukraine with the aim of protecting Donbass residents”

Putin calls on Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their arms

Putin says Russia will not allow NATO to establish militarily at its borders

Putin: NATO has crossed red lines

Putin: Russia does not intend to occupy Ukraine, but rather seeks to disarm it and defends itself from the danger of external challenges and “those who held Ukraine hostage”

Putin threatens those who will try to prevent the Russian operation in Ukraine with “a response they have not faced in their history”

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Putin: Russia’s attempts to agree on security guarantees have failed and the situation has become more dangerous

Zelensky announces the imposition of martial law across Ukraine

Lugansk announces the start of the storming of a Ukrainian-controlled town in Donbass

Sirens sounded in Kiev

Ukrainian border guards accuse Belarus of supporting the Russian military operation

Lukashenko denies Participation of his country’s forces in the Russian special operation in Ukraine

The Russian Defense announces the disruption of the infrastructure of the Ukrainian air bases and silencing its defenses

Russian Defense: Ukrainian border guards show no resistance to Russian units

Russian Defense: Reports that a Russian plane was shot down over Ukraine are baseless

Ukrainian army denies allegations of “Russian airdrops” in Odessa

News of the arrival of Russian forces to the outskirts of Kharkov

Ukrainian official: 7 dead in Russian military strikes

The Ukrainian army announces the destruction of Russian planes and tanks, and Moscow denies

NATO announces that it will deploy additional forces to the east due to the conflict in Ukraine

Lugansk promises to consider requests for assistance from Kharkov and Odessa.

Russian Defense: Videos were prepared in advance to fabricate civilian deaths in Ukraine

Ukraine announces dozens of deaths in Russian strikes

Russian security: one injured as two Russian merchant ships were hit by a Ukrainian missile attack in the Sea of ​​Azov

The Kremlin: Putin spoke by phone with Lukashenko and Erdogan about Ukraine

The Kremlin: We look to Ukraine to be cleansed of Nazis and disarmed

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