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Rusové se radují z gólu proti Švýcarsku

The Russians win the battle for first place in the group, and the United States wins

The opening goal between Russia and Switzerland waited until the 36th minute when Anton Burtasov revealed his identity after a solo move. The Swiss were able to respond to the goal in the middle of the third period when Nico Hishier Andres Ambol took a pass in front of goal and beat the Russian goalkeeper.

However, the steady state lasted less than two minutes. After a fight with the defender, Tolkien was able to cross the Karnacho flowing into the net, and the Russians led the way again. Another two minutes into the Tolkienski goal made the Russian players even happier. In the end, the same player sealed the victory with a shot into the empty net.

The Russians beat Switzerland 4: 1 and finished first in the group. Switzerland is currently in third place.

The United States leads this group after the victory

The Americans were not good enough for Finland in the first match, but since then they have confirmed an improved form. They took the lead in the 11th minute with a slightly interesting goal and did well against Norway. Jones’ shot was blocked by Carland’s hockey stick defender, whose shot hit the back guard, from where Buck returned to Carland’s hockey stick. The attacker has no problem clearing your target.

The United States scored the second goal in the middle of the match after several unchanged chances. After an unfortunate pass from one of the Norwegians, Tag Thompson came to the front of the Huckland.

Five minutes before the end, the Norwegian players were able to dramatize the match when Ken Andre hit the backhand with a shot from the Olympic turn. Nothing more happened in the match, with the United States winning 2: 1, which put them at the top of the group.

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Saturday afternoon matches in Riga:

Russian Olympic team – Switzerland 4: 1

Goals: 36. Burdasov, 51. Karnachov, 53. and 60. Tolkien – 49. Hishishr.

United States – Norway 2: 1

Goals: 11. Garland, 28. Thompson – 55. K.A. Olymp