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The Saab plant is closing again. NEVS wants to lay off almost all employees

After a rather difficult bankruptcy in 2009-2011 despite the Dutchman Spyker’s attempt to revive it, NEVS picked up the National Electric Vehicle Sweden, which later became part of the Chinese Evergrande group.

For a while it produced and supplied electric 9-3 models to China, but with the NEVS logo instead of the Saab. The cars were built at the original factory in Trollhättan, Sweden.

It is now again, for the first time in history, out of action. “NEVS will go into hibernation, which means we will have to cut all costs and lay off staff across the board,” said Nina Selander, the company’s interim president.

The last production Saab 9-3 auctioned like new, hasn’t left the factory since 2014


The reason is always the same – lack of money. “Our decision comes after our owners, Evergrande, failed to complete negotiations with investors,” the president added. According to a British site trainerwhich is breaking the news, Evergrande has been in trouble due to the debt crisis for about two and a half years.

In January, a report appeared on the web Saab Planet, which focuses on the history and present of this automobile company, NEVS acquired a new owner – who was not named at the time. Now that deal appears to have fallen through.

Whether someone will once again try to revive the Saab car company, under what name, can only be speculated for now. However, the history of failures does not give much hope.

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