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The Saudi ambassador to Morocco reveals the details of the case of the lost citizen

The Saudi ambassador to Morocco reveals the details of the case of the lost citizen

Arrived at King Saud Airport in Al Baha, the citizen Fahad Al-Zahrani Coming from the Kingdom of Morocco, with the follow-up of the governor of Al-Baha region, Prince Hossam bin Saud bin Abdulaziz.

The Kingdom’s ambassador to Morocco, Abdullah Al-Ghurairi, revealed the details of the case of the lost Saudi youth in Morocco, Fahd Al-Zahrani.

He said: He did not receive any contact from the young man’s family before the spread of his video clip on social media, stressing that his family in the Kingdom was contacted to confirm his identity, and they were asked to send documents that prove his identity.

He confirmed that, according to his father’s testimony, the young man who arrived in the Kingdom earlier today, entered Morocco on a tourist trip for two months, and was forced to stay there due to the flight ban that Morocco witnessed in the months of last December and January, expecting that the young man had suffered health problems that led to his survival. Until after the Moroccan airspace opened.

He pointed out that the young man did not appear to have any health problems during his stay at the embassy, ​​even if he seemed to have some mental confusion, which was evident by remembering some things and forgetting others, stressing that it became clear that the family names that the young man submitted to the embassy were correct.

He explained that the young man did not give the embassy a clear answer about the reasons for losing his travel documents, and the embassy was not able to verify his account of the burning of his passport.

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He added that the embassy did not know anything about the presence of this young man in Morocco until after the video clip spread, explaining that by asking his family about the reasons for not informing the embassy of his absence, especially since he has been in Morocco since November 2021, they replied that they had been in contact with him at separate intervals, and he was The young man constantly reassures them of his condition.

He stated that the information that the young man’s family had about his condition seemed inaccurate, as it was clear that he had been suffering for a while, stressing that his family did not talk to the embassy about the young man’s health condition.