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The Saudi film "The Journey" was nominated for the Best Experimental Film award at the Septimius Festival.

The Saudi film “The Journey” was nominated for the Best Experimental Film award at the Septimius Festival.

The Septimius Film Festival in the Netherlands has chosen the Saudi animated film “The Journey” to be among the list of nominees for the Best Experimental Film Award at its next session.
“The Journey” is the first animated movie produced by the Manga Production Company of the Mohammed bin Salman Foundation (Misk), in cooperation with the Toei Animation Company. The film provides an exceptional visual experience for viewers through the use of four artistic styles such as watercolor style, traditional Japanese style, The Van Gogh style. Like never before in animated films.

The film “The Journey” by the famous Japanese director Kobon Shizuno embodies the Arab historical heritage, as the idea was inspired by the history of the Arabian Peninsula, through an epic story built on Arab heritage, and revolves around a group of men who defend their peaceful city against an enemy with a huge army, to reinforce the idea of Historical fiction for posterity.

The Septimius Festival, which will be held next June 7 in Amsterdam, will host the most prominent international films, and the awards ceremony is scheduled to be attended by a number of international award winners such as the “Oscar”, “Emmy”, “Grammy” and others.

It is noteworthy that the movie “The Journey” was shown in English on the screens of the Chinese theater in Hollywood, as the first Saudi and Arab movie to be shown in this ancient theater. It was also shown for the first time in Japan and nine Arab countries, and distribution agreements were signed for more than 15 Asian countries and six European countries. The film is also available to watch on major broadcast platforms such as the “Crunchyroll” platform in the United States, the Arabic “Shahid” platform, and more than 20 platforms in Japan.

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