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The Saudi Public Prosecutor orders the investigation of a person who assaulted an elderly person

The Saudi Public Prosecutor orders the investigation of a person who assaulted an elderly person

An official source in the Saudi Public Prosecution confirmed that the Public Prosecutor, Saud Al-Mojeb, ordered an investigation into a video clip circulating on social media, the content of which includes a person beating and abusing an elderly man and uttering phrases that incite tribal and racist strife and spread hatred and hatred among members of society.

He added that the Public Prosecutor directed constantly to arrest the suspect, and to take strict legal measures against him.

suspect person

The source concluded his statement that the Public Prosecution warns against everything that would prejudice the unity of the social fabric and national cohesion among members of society, and is continuing to protect the rights established in this, and will spare no effort to bring those responsible for this to the judiciary, to obtain their just and deterrent punishment.

On Friday, the Dammam city police, in eastern Saudi Arabia, were able to identify a person who appeared in a video clip circulating on social networking sites as he assaulted an elderly man with abusive words.

A Public Security statement quoted the media spokesman for the Eastern Province Police, Muhammad Al-Shehri, as saying that the matter was related to a Saudi citizen in his fourth decade of life, who has precedents.

The statement revealed that the police arrested the man, took preliminary measures against him, and he was referred to the Public Prosecution Branch.

A few days ago, a shocking video clip of a man was spread on social media, talking violently with an elderly man, and then assaulting him.

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