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الشورى السعودي يطالب بإطلاق مسبار فضائي إلى القمر يصل وجهته عام 2030

The Saudi Shura calls for launching a space probe to the moon, reaching its destination in 2030

Riyadh – Mubasher: Today, Wednesday, the Shura Council issued a decision regarding the annual report of the Saudi Space Authority for the fiscal year 1441/1442 AH, after the Council heard the viewpoint of the Transport, Communications and Information Technology Committee, which included its recommendations regarding the report..

The Council called, according to what it published through its official account on “Twitter”, the Saudi Space Authority to work on building the necessary national expertise and skills and to use national and global expertise to plan and implement a national space mission, with an international partnership; To launch a space probe to the Moon or Mars, and to reach its destination in 2030, in celebration of the Year of Vision.

He also called on the Shura Council to expedite the launch and implementation of the national space strategy.

The Council directed the Saudi Space Authority to cooperate with the Small and Medium Enterprises Authority, the Arabsat Foundation and the relevant authorities; To launch an incubator and business accelerator initiative for Saudi small and medium enterprises working in the space field.

Al-Shoura called on the Saudi Space Authority to expand programs to develop talents and skills for students in partnership with relevant authorities (such as the Young Astronaut Program); To establish a future generation of those interested and specialists in the space science and sector.

The council’s demands also included directing the Saudi Space Authority, in coordination with the relevant authorities, to study the governance of legislative, regulatory and executive roles in order to achieve the goals of the space sector and the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030..

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