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The Saudis are packing their suitcases and getting ready to start the bump

The Saudis are packing their suitcases and getting ready to start the bump

While some Saudis have reduced their holidays or workplaces to safer areas due to COVID-19 protocols, many of them are not tired of the challenges ahead and cannot wait to fasten their seat belts.

Planning a vacation in the coming months is not easy – the options are limited and there are isolated procedures for many popular summer vacation spots. However, many tourists are still willing to travel and enjoy music.

Following the global epidemic, both countries and private travelers are concerned about limitations. But despite the introduction of massive vaccines and authorities to make it easier for vaccinated and recovering patients to travel abroad, many Saudis have decided to move closer to home.

“When we heard that Bahrain had allowed the Saudis to enter without being isolated, we rushed to book our hotel and tickets, but these were fully booked in the first week,” said Maha Al Hussein, 34, from Riyadh.

“My family and I are lucky enough to see Jetta at any time, but we like to take vacations so the kids can move around freely and swim all day so everyone can relax.”

The mother of three told Arab News that although it is currently difficult to book flights for seven people, the family has decided to take a four-hour journey to Bahrain and hopes to get a smooth entry on the King Fahad Causeway.

“All adults have been vaccinated and our children now know the rules,” he said. “It came to our attention. The trip was important to all of us. We took care of everything. We will continue to be careful until we get back home.”

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Bahrain has previously stated that all GCC observers who have been vaccinated or fully recovered will no longer be required to undergo a polymerase chain reaction test, but will need to demonstrate vaccination or recovery.

The Saudis are attracting more and more people and are being welcomed by the island’s neighboring kingdom with a return campaign launched with the slogan “God be with you” or “We lost you”.

While the status of travel to the 20 countries on the list is valid, airlines are ready to operate normally in many cities around the world, although many countries restrict access.

Many EU member states have a limited number of visits from outside the EU, while others allow visitors to return, but with restrictions.

Alexis Constantulos, the Greek ambassador to the kingdom, announced on Friday that Saudis wishing to travel to Greece could do so through a negative PCR test or vaccination certificate and after completing a passenger search form.

“Come back to our Saudi friends, Greece is waiting for you,” he wrote on Twitter.

PCR checks are not done more than 72-48 hours after arrival, travel insurance, five to 10 days of isolation at the expense of passengers and PCR checks upon arrival are one of the requirements of EU member states, but many countries restrict travel. Don ‘t want.

The United Kingdom, a favorite destination of many Saudis, will have to isolate itself on arrival because Saudi Arabia is in the amber category. British officials say the list will be reviewed every three weeks.

Countries that regularly stop international tourists include Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, Russia, Spain, Poland, Vietnam, the Czech Republic and Belgium.

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Since each country has different needs, citizens are asked to check travel restrictions for each destination before and after arrival.

Director of Public Relations Youssef A. The 32-year-old said: “Dubai is next. I have been to Dubai several times in the last few years and it has become a second home for my family and me.

“I have finished my duties. Saudi Arabia is on the safe” green list “of the United Arab Emirates and no isolation is required. Once the Saudi authorities allow it, it will be my next destination.”

The search for loose COVID-19 restrictions continued a few weeks after reports confirmed that a travel ban would be lifted in the kingdom on May 17, but that it would be a conflict, said 27-year-old Coulot Youssef to the Arab News.

“Initially, we planned to go to Bali within the first week of the ban being lifted, but when we learned that we would have to isolate for five days and do two PCR tests, we realized that most of our vacation time would be taken away,” he told the Arab News.

“My family and I were looking for a new and different place to travel a few days ago, especially since we were all vaccinated and my dad decided to do so.”

We are now hanging out in Bali and going to Morocco next week and it was an easy choice. All we need is a confirmed hotel booking. It is good to know that we can travel again. We hope this is a great trip. “

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