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The "scandal" of the ministerial exam shakes Iraq... and a high-level move

The “scandal” of the ministerial exam shakes Iraq… and a high-level move

Suddenly, I decided Ministry of Education in Iraq Postponing the exams for the third intermediate students until further notice, after the math exam questions were leaked, Thursday.

The students and their families were surprised when they went to the exam committees that the ministry decided to postpone it, after questions spread Math subject on channels Telegram And theSocial Media.

That case sparked outrage on social media, and raised questions about the reality of education in the country, and the penetration of corruption in its joints, while calls for the dismissal of the Minister of Education, Ali Hamid Al-Dulaimi, and the punishment of all those found to be involved in the incident escalated.

For his part, the Prime Minister directed Mustafa Al-Kazemito form a special commission of inquiry into the incident.

Al-Kazemi’s media office stated that the latter directed a full investigation of the leaks, and every person or party involved in the matter will be punished.

Not the first time

And this was not the first time that exam questions for subjects were leaked, as social media sites were buzzing, last Wednesday, with the leaking of material English languageAnd private groups published it on Telegram, although the Ministry of Education denied that this happened.

Several official bodies, such as the Ministry of Interior, Education, Parliament and Integrity, formed investigation committees into the incident, which shook public opinion in the country, at a time when the Ministry of Education said that it had found clues related to some of those involved who deliberately leaked math questions for cheap and despicable ends.

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A source in the Ministry of Education said, “Access to those involved is not difficult, but it is a matter of time, as the Ministry obtained the code for the leaked questions, and it turned out that it was from Rusafa in the capital, Baghdad, which made the task more defined, in addition to the presence of some other evidence, which will be the focus of the investigative teams.”

The source added to “Sky News Arabia” that “the Ministry of Education is in the process of developing a new and decisive plan to prevent questions from leaking, which is to prepare the questions only hours before the ministerial exam, provided that they reach schools via e-mail with students entering the exam halls, and the adoption of two forms, in anticipation of an emergency.

Its telegram field

These questions are usually spread through channels on the Telegram platform, claiming that they own the ministerial questions for middle and preparatory studies, and offer to sell them for huge sums of money, sometimes up to $100 per student.

Last year, the National Security Agency announced the arrest of 20 people from the owners of these channels; After they published on their pages samples of the sixth grade preparatory questions.

Iraqis launched a wide campaign on social media about this incident, where they demanded that those involved in leaking questions be found and brought to justice, without procrastination, as well as taking measures to preserve the prestige of education and prevent its exploitation.

The Iraqi Penal Code provides for imprisonment for a period of no less than one year, for anyone who illegally leaks, divulges, publishes or circulates questions for final school exams or questions for general exams, while the penalty is imprisonment for a period not exceeding seven years, if the perpetrator of the crime is A member of the examination committees or one of the authors of its questions or charged with transferring or maintaining them.

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In turn, the retired educational supervisor, Youssef Al-Jubouri, believes that “what happened really represents a major breakthrough, and caused the exams to be postponed, and this is unreasonable, as the concerned authorities must have prepared two forms of questions, and if the leakage of the first is proven, they resort to adopting the second, To block the path of the stalkers, and in order to achieve justice, to grant the students their right to take the exam on the allotted day, as they made great efforts that cannot be tampered with.

Al-Jubouri added in a statement to “Sky News Arabia” that “what is taken on the ministry at the present time, is the lack of adoption of modern technology, advanced innovations in preparing and distributing questions, and ways to preserve it, as there is a clear protocol for educational institutions in countries of the world, such as the use of Code reader, real-time preparation of questions, and so on, which saves effort and time, and preserves the exam’s scientific prestige.