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هيئة تمويل العلوم والابتكار تعلن عن النداء الثامن لمنحة  تدريب قادة الابتكار

The Science and Innovation Funding Commission has announced the eighth call for “Training Innovation Leaders” grants.

The Science, Technology and Innovation Funding Authority (STDF), in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineering in the United Kingdom, announced the opening of the eighth call for applications for the “Training Innovation Leaders” grant, one of the most important. Training programs started in 2015; With the aim of supporting and commercializing innovations through a one-year internship that includes internships in the Arab Republic of Egypt and two weeks of intensive practical training in the United Kingdom; Training on marketing innovations and prototypes resulting from scientific research in areas serving the goals of sustainable development and improving their competitive prospects.

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The project is implemented in several phases:
First phase: online training, starting in December, second phase, workshops for trainees inside Egypt, from January 2032 to March 2023, third phase, trainees traveling to the United Kingdom for two weeks of training. In July 2023.

On his part, Dr. Wala Shetta, CEO of the Authority, said it aims to improve the skills of Egyptian researchers and innovators affiliated with universities, centers and research organizations through training grants in the field of entrepreneurship. In line with government policy and the National Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation 2030, research institutes promoting innovation with the aim of maximizing utilization of research outputs, achieving regional and international leadership in science, technology and innovation and increasing local and international collaboration between partnerships.

For information on how to apply, visit the authority’s website:
You can also check out the social networking site:

It is noteworthy that the Science, Technology and Innovation Funding Authority is the main body for funding scientific research and innovation and linking it to the real needs of the Egyptian society. By creating a knowledge-based economy, the development of the “New Republic” is capable of turning science into an added value to achieve economic growth.

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