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The science of interpretation passed a major

Solve a question passed in the sciences of interpretation with a major, The science of interpretation is one of the sciences that Muslims have taken care of to clarify the meanings and connotations of the verses of the Noble Qur’an and to clarify the lessons from them, the rulings and directives.

The science of interpretation passed a major

The correct answer is two stages Two, namely the stage of understanding and receiving and the stage of writing and codification, and the first stage, which is the stage of understanding and receiving, was in three stages, the stage of the era of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, and the second stage is the stage of the rule of the Companions, may God be pleased with them, and the third section of it is the period of the era of the followers, may God have mercy on them. As for the next stage, it was under the title of the stage of codification and writing, and it included the codification of interpretation as one of the chapters of hadith. In the second period, interpretation became codified as an independent science.[1]

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Interpretation methods

Exegesis scholars have adopted more than one method and method for interpretation and codification, the most prominent of which are four well-known types:

  • Analytical explanation: It is concerned with interpreting the noble Quranic verses and explaining the reasons for their revelation and the rulings and directives from them.
  • Overall explanation: It is concerned with the Qur’anic verses and their succession in the Noble Qur’an, the reasons for their successive occurrence, and the purpose of that.
  • Comparative Explanation: This method depends on the study of the verse, all the interpretations and hadiths about it, and discusses various opinions from all sides.
  • Objective Explanation: In it, the interpreter does not depend on the order of occurrence of the verses in the Holy Qur’an, but rather deals with a topic, mentions all the verses related to this topic in the various places of their occurrence and provides explanations and comments about them.
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At the end of this article, a solution to a question is clarified The science of interpretation passed a major and the most important information about the science of exegesis and its four methods that scholars of exegesis follow today.

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