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علم الرجال.. "أبو بكر بن عبد الرحمن" راوى الأحاديث وأحد الفقهاء السبعة

The science of men.. “Abu Bakr bin Abd al-Rahman” is a narrator of hadiths and one of the seven jurists

Imam Abu Bakr ibn Abd al-Rahman ibn al-Harith ibn Hisham is considered one of the most famous Islamic jurists, a Madani follower, one of the narrators of the Prophetic hadith, and one of the seven jurists of Medina.

Abu Bakr bin Abd al-Rahman ibn al-Harith ibn Hisham ibn al-Mughira belonged to Banu Makhzoum, one of the belligerents of Quraish, born in the caliphate of Umar ibn al-Khattab. Bani Hasal bin Amer bin Luay, and his brothers to his father and mother, Omar, Othman, Ikrimah, Khaled, Muhammad and Hantama, who was born to Abdullah bin Zubair Amer, Musa, Fakhta, Umm Hakim and Fatima.

Abu Bakr tried to catch up with the army of al-Zubayr and Talha on the day of the camel, but he and Urwa bin al-Zubayr returned because of their young age, then stopped his sight after that, so he devoted himself to science and jurisprudence in Medina until Abu al-Zinad counted him as one of the seven jurists of Medina.

Abu Bakr ibn Abd al-Rahman was diligent in prayer and worship until they called him “the monk of Quraish,” and many praised him. Al-Waqidi said: “He was trustworthy, a jurist, a generous scholar, a lot of hadith.” Ibn Kharash said about him: “He is one of the imams of the Muslims. And his brothers are set an example.” He also said: “Omar, Abu Bakr, Ikrimah, and Abdullah Banu Abd al-Rahman Ibn al-Harith Ibn Hisham are all trustworthy, with whom he sets an example. Al-Zuhri narrated all of them except Umar.” Bakr fasts and does not break.” Al-Dhahabi said: “Abu Bakr bin Abd al-Rahman was one of those who gathered knowledge, work and honor, and he was among those who succeeded his father in majesty.”

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Abu Bakr bin Abd al-Rahman died in the year 94 AH, and it was said in the year 93 AH, in Medina, and he had a son, Abd al-Rahman, Abdullah, Abd al-Malik, Hisham, Suhail, al-Harith, and Mary, and their mother was Sarah bint Hisham ibn al-Walid ibn al-Mughirah al-Makhzumiya, and Abu Salama, Omar and Rabiha, and their mother is a relative of the daughter of Abd al-Rahman. Allah bin Zam’ah bin Al-Aswad bin Al-Muttalib Al-Asadiya Al-Qurashi, and Fatimah and her mother Rumaitha bint Al-Waleed bin Talba bin Qais bin Asim Al-Munqari.